Sexual Behaviours Traffic Light Tools

Sexual Behaviours Traffic Light Tools

Brook would like to make you aware of the training they are offering all professionals working with young people in Sandwell and was hoping this could be circulated. This training is free of charge.

Our highly acclaimed Sexual Behaviours Traffic Light Tool supports professionals working with children and young people by helping them to identify and respond appropriately to sexual behaviours.

This training is strongly recommended for teachers, social workers, school nurses, youth and outreach workers, health care professionals, safeguarding leads and all professionals working with young people.

Please find this link takes you to our website where you can get further information about the Traffic Light Tool training (sexual behaviours)

We have dates booked on Eventbrite for this training in Sandwell and we would appreciate you circulating these:


There is a choice of am or pm sessions and the training last approx. 3-3.5hrs. This is the link which will take you to the bookings page:

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