Six Tips for Increasing Your Online Donations

Six Tips for Increasing Your Online Donations

With its spring 2018 website development grant up for grabs, the Transform Foundation shares its top lessons from the programme on how to create a charity website that maximise.

The Transform Foundation believes that a strategically designed website is one of the most powerful ways of helping a charity generate the sustainable income they need to fund their charitable activities and go further in their mission.

That is why they provide the funding to give charities a helping hand on the upfront investment for a website equipped with the right features.

To give you an idea of some of the benefits you can expect from a fully optimised website funded through the programme, here are six top tips for creating a website that maximises your online donations.

To find out how you can apply for funding to redevelop your charity’s website, visit the Website Grant section of the Transform Foundation website here for full details on what it offers and how you can apply.

1. Create a fully integrated donations form on your website
According to the Network For Good Online Giving Index, non-profits achieve on average six times higher conversion rates on their donations if they take them via a fully integrated journey that maintains their branding, is fully hosted and does not redirect to a third party payment processing site that is disconnected from their main website.
Having a fully integrated donations journey is therefore one of the simplest ways for charities to dramatically increase their income.

2. Minimise the number of clicks on your online donations journey
The Transform Foundation’s studies have shown that having more than one click on your donations form reduces conversion rates by an average of 35%. After a second click, every extra click a supporter has to make on average reduces conversion rates by an additional 20%.

To maximise the amount of potential supporters you convert, it is therefore vital to aim for a one-click donation journey, or at least reduce clicks to the minimum number possible.

To read the full Charity Digital News article click here.

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