Spotlight on Beeches Road Community Enterprise

Spotlight on Beeches Road Community Enterprise

BRCE PictureTell us what you do
We are a not for profit organisation which started in November 1993, hiring out rooms to starting businesses. Our work is aimed at administrative functions with 7 rooms for organisations to hire. Following funding from the local authority we then expanded our work to include an accounting service, doing payrolls for community based organisations and individuals. Currently we still provide these services and have a community hall upstairs which we rent out for events.

What is your proudest achievement?
We are very proud of our 22 year existence in which we have helped and served individuals and organisations within the community.  Providing them with the infrastructure and services to conduct routine activities. In addition to this, we are proud to have played an influential role in a pilot scheme with the council based on care for individuals. This was a way of making disabled individuals responsible for their own care. We helped to set up these individuals as employers and process the payments to those looking after them.

What is your experience of support received from SCVO?
In the past we have been involved with SCVO through funding opportunities. They visited us to help us identify funding options and apply for them. As well as this, I have found their events very useful as it allows us to network with other organisations.

What is the most valuable lesson you have learnt about working with people in Sandwell?
It is important to remain aware of what is going on in the local community and to never get complacent. We try to do our best to help the local community as they are very supportive of the work that we do. In addition to this, the people of Sandwell are very helpful and as a result we look to support events for the local community by providing them with a venue.

What are your plans for the future and some of the challenges you face?
We plan to keep the business moving at 100% capacity whilst getting more organisations and individuals involved in our accountancy services. As well as this, we will continue to provide a venue for community events to provide a new arm of support to local organisations and individuals.  In terms of the challenges, becoming self-sufficient is one we hope to overcome. Funding is becoming a challenge for our organisation and as a result it is important that we aim towards becoming financially self-sufficient.

How can SCVO help to support your organisation in the future?
In the future SCVO could support our organisation through funding opportunities. They could help us to identify and apply for these opportunities as grants are becoming more difficult to acquire. As we are a not for profit organisation, rather than a charity, it seems to make it harder for us to receive financial help.

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