Strategy in Hard Times

Strategy in Hard Times

Alan Lawrie a Management Consultant and author talks to Directory of Social Change about developing a strategy under the pressure of hard times. Let’s face it anyone can write a good plan when things are going well.

When the going is good you might have big and bold visions, lots of new ideas and plans to expand, develop and boldly go. It is different in hard times; ever-increasing demand, downward income, austerity, increased competition and short term insecurity all make the going tough. Survival feels to be just about enough, especially for smaller organisations with limited resources and capacity. Perhaps, the biggest challenge is retaining a sense of organisational and personal confidence.

In tough times organisations need to have a very clear sense of their purpose, values, and what they want to achieve in the short to medium term.

Three good starter questions are:

  • How will we measure success in the medium term?
  • What do we stand for?
  • What does (or should) differentiate us from other organisations?

Read the full DSC article by clicking here.

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