Help for Small & New Groups

Many high profile charities began with a small group of individuals who shared a selfless passion to make our communities a better place. Local community groups are important because they are close to the community they strive to improve.

Some are established to support “a community of interest” where the group addresses a single issue like race, gender, age, disability or poverty, for example.

Others set out to improve the lives and life chances of people who live in a particular area, a “geographical community.” Whichever is the case, founders, trustees and other volunteers bring priceless real life experience and knowledge of the issue or the area concerned.

SCVO provides a wide range of support to small and new groups across Sandwell, including guidance and help to get new community ventures off the ground.  This support includes helping people to organise themselves into a group and choose a name; enabling those involved to understand their roles and responsibilities; guidance to help the group establish aims and objectives, choose the right legal structure and status, and produce a governing document or set of rules; information so that groups can comply with charity law and best practice, identify funding, satisfy regulatory bodies, produce basic policies and procedures and plan for future sustainability.

SCVO’s friendly and experienced Capacity Building Team delivers this support in a number of different ways including face-to-face meetings, over the phone, via our website and through our programme of training and events.

For more information or to access support for small groups or new ventures, please contact us on 0121 525 1127 or e-mail