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South Staffs Water password scheme

South Staffs Water password scheme is in place to protect you from distraction burglaries and bogus callers.

When you register for their password scheme, you will be asked to provide a password of your choice.

If someone visits your home and claims to be from South Staffs Water, simply ask them to confirm your password – if they don’t know it, don’t let them in.

You can register online by clicking here or pop in to our hub and we’ll help you to get set up.

Source: South Staffs Water

October is National Domestic Violence Aware Month

Wear purple to school, college or work any day in October and raise funds for local women and children in refuges.

Why is it important
Domestic abuse remains at epidemic levels, with two women a week killed by a former or current partner. Domestic violence happens in every community and affects people of all ages. While most victims are women and girls, domestic violence affects men and boys too. The impacts of domestic violence affect individuals, families, communities, and society as a whole. But prevention is possible.

How your fundraising will help
Black Country Women’s Aid supported over 8,000 women, children and men last year who had experienced abuse and violence. Refuges offers a safe place to stay, advocates and counsellors help people to get back on their feet, cope with trauma and look towards a safer future.

How to take part
1. Just decide on a day in October when you will Go Purple

2. Each person/pupil pays £1 and wears a purple item to school, college or work or you can paints your nails purple, bake and sell purple cupcakes and for the more daring spray your beard, hair or moustache purple.

3. Let Black Country Women’s Aid know, by registering on their website, by contacting Debbie Slater, BCWA’s fundraiser on 0121 553 0090, or by email to

4. You will sent a fundraising pack for ideas and shown how money raised is spent.

5. Take photos of your Purple Day and BCWA will share them on its Facebook Page and Twitter Feed. There is a prize for the most interesting Purple picture.

6. Have fun !

Black Country Women’s Aid invite you to encourage friends, family members, colleagues and community members to show their support by Going Purple too.

Volunteers wanted for British Transport Police Scrutiny Panel

The British Transport Police is looking to recruit Volunteers willing to assist with the British transport Police Hate Crime or Domestic Abuse Scrutiny Panel. The Panel is designed to improve policing of hate crime and domestic abuse.

The British Transport Police is the police department that covers the rail network throughout the UK and the Scrutiny Panel would look at crimes investigated throughout the country by BTP.

The purpose of the Panel is to impartially review a random selection of reported related crimes. Its aim is to determine whether the police response was appropriate to the circumstances of the report, with the information available at the given time. It is not intended to apportion blame. However, decision maker explanations may be required to rationalise actions taken or not taken.

The Panel is scheduled for the following potential dates:

23rd – 27th September 2019
30th September – 4th October 2019
21st – 23rd October 2019

If you are interested in becoming a Volunteer on the panel, please email the Vulnerability Unit at as soon as possible.

The Importance of Safeguarding and Protecting People

Safeguarding is a key governance priority for all trustees, not just those working with groups traditionally considered at risk.

You should read the guidance about safeguarding duties for charity trustees which was recently updated.

We advise you to carry out a thorough review of your charity’s safeguarding governance and management arrangements and performance, if you haven’t done in the last 12 months.

It is also important that you contact us about any safeguarding issues, or serious safeguarding incidents, complaints or allegations which have not previously been reported to us.

Find out about reporting serious incidents in your charity as a trustee.

Find out about reporting serious wrongdoing at a charity as a worker or volunteer.

Source: Charity Commission Newsletter Issue 62


The Medaille Trust supports victims of modern day slavery

The Medaille Trust was formed in 2006 when a group of Catholic Religious leaders decided that something should be done to help and support victims of human trafficking and modern slavery. Thirteen years later it is the biggest provider of specialist supported accommodation for victims of modern slavery in Europe.

In February 2019, the Medaille Trust announced a six-year partnership with Archdiocese of Birmingham (covering North Staffordshire to South Oxfordshire) and the West Midlands. The partnership will be in place until March 2025.

During this time frame, the Medaille Trust has committed to attend every parish in the Archdiocese of Birmingham area, starting with Birmingham Cathedral, North Staffordshire and Banbury.

Sandwell forms an integral part of the Archdiocese and would like to inform the Borough of the partnership. The Trust is looking to raise awareness not only to catholic churches and schools in the Sandwell, but also with voluntary sector groups and other faith groups over the course of the partnership.

If you wish to know more, please contact Marc Pearson, Community Engagement Coordinator, on 07982719691 or email

Volunteers and Community Cycle Clubs Needed!

Do you want to set up a community cycle club or would you like to volunteer for a community cycle club in the Black Country?

Cycling UK can help you on your journey!

If you are a community group that already provides activities and want to add cycling to your programme then Cycling UK can help. Cycling UK can support you with  funding, training and admin support until you feel happy to go it alone.

We need you! – If you are an individual who has cycled for a long time and would like to help others learn to ride or get back into cycling, we need you! Cycling UK can provide volunteers with the relevant training that makes a volunteer confident to help others ride.

Cycling improves health and wellbeing, helps people develop new skills and it`s FUN!

Mental health support, older people’s groups, health organisations, youth groups, workplaces, refugee charities and veteran groups are just some of the settings in which Cycling UK has delivered community cycle clubs.

We would love to hear from you.

For more information please email

Friends of Tividale Park Needs You!

Are you a Tividale Resident?

The Friends of Tividale Park Group support plans to improve the facilities in the park, organise and develop a range of community activities and events, to bring people of all ages together to have fun and enjoy the park.

The Friends of Tividale Park Group are seeking community minded individuals to join them on their committee (on a voluntary basis). Don’t worry no prior experience is necessary, as access to training and support will be provided and you can give as little or as much time as you can spare (as a guide you need to be prepared to spare approximately 1-2 hours every week for attendance at meetings and on an occasional basis a few hours in between meetings as required).

The friends of Tividale Park are a residents’ community group who work to improve the park in various ways, including fundraising for new play equipment or improvements to the park, volunteering at community and social events held in the park. So why not get involved and help them to make Tividale Park a real hive of community activity.

You’ll have the opportunity to learn new skills with like-minded individuals, support the development of the facilities and community activities taking place within the park.

If you would like to become a friend or for more information, please email

They would love to hear from anyone who is interested in making a positive difference within their community or would just like to find out more about what is involved.

The Friends of Tividale Park want to bring Tividale Park back into the heart of their community making it a community facility that everyone can be proud of!

Why not take a look at their website at www.friendsof

Black Country Women’s Aid Consultation

Black Country Women’s Aid have commissioned an independent consultation to gather the views of people who live, work or travel to the West Midlands about forms of violence and abuse.

The aim of the consultation is that victims and survivors feel able to contribute to, and benefit from, the strategy that is developed from the results. These forms of violence and abuse are disproportionately gendered, with the majority of victims/survivors being women. But we also know that many men are also victims and this consultation is therefore an opportunity to better understand how we can support men who have experienced violence and abuse and how to build services that are more accessible for men.

We therefore encourage the views of all victims and survivors: women, men and those who identify as non-binary to participate.

Whilst BCWA offer most of our services in the Black Country, we would like to hear from people who live and work across the West Midlands, to enable us to gather a wider range of perspectives and experiences.

We are inviting the views of:
• Victims/survivors of any of the types of violence and abuse listed above. Anyone can be directly affected by abuse and so we encourage adults (over 18) of all gender and sexual identities, ethnicities and levels of ability to participate in the consultation.
• People who live or work in, or travel to, the West Midlands They may not have personal experience of violence and abuse but may have been affected by a friend’s or family member’s experience, or have witnessed violence and abuse in their community.
• People who have contact with victims/survivors or perpetrators in a professional capacity.

The consultation includes this online survey and some follow-up focus groups.

The consultation will close on Monday 8th May.

The survey can be completed from this link –

Vulnerable Children Risk Becoming ‘Lost in Digital Space’

A not-for-profit online safety organisation is warning that vulnerable children are becoming ‘lost in digital space’ where they face risks such as cyberbullying, cyber fraud and sexting.

A study by Internet Matters found that around two million vulnerable children, including those with disabilities and mental health issues, are at particular risk online.

Other online safety risks they face include seeing harmful content, such as those that promote self-harm and suicide.

The study, based on the experiences of around 3,000 young people aged between 10 and 16, found that children in care and young carers are almost twice as likely to be cyberbullied than their peers.

One in four (27%) of children with special educational needs view sites that promoting self-harm and 25% view sites that encourage anorexia, compared to 17% of their peers in both cases.

Young people with hearing difficulties are also more likely to be involved in sexting and are five times more likely than their peers to say that the internet upsets them.

Those with learning difficulties are a third more likely to spend more than five hours a day online compared to their peers and also a third more likely to have their social media account hacked.

To read the full Charity Digital News article click here.



West Bromwich Summit – Event Feedback and Action Planning

This is a reminder that the next workshop for the West Bromwich Town Summit, will be 10 am-12 pm on Tuesday 5th March 2019, at West Bromwich Town Hall,

The purpose of the workshop is to discuss and agree how solutions and opportunities can be implemented.

If you wish to attend, please confirm your attendance by email to Adult Social Care, Health and Wellbeing on

West Bromwich Summit Report

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