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Charity Governance Code Update

The Charity Governance Code was updated in 2020 following an extensive consultation period with the view of increasing our Sectors understanding of good governance and its stakeholders’ expectations, as we know these change over time.

The refresh to the Code reflects feedback that the steering group must strike a balance between continually updating the Code and potentially disrupting embedding the Code’s use. The enhancements focus on Principle 3: Integrity and Principle 6: Diversity, now called Equality, Diversity and Inclusion. These were the principles that received the most consistent feedback in the consultation as the areas where change was required.

To learn more about the Code and download a copy click here.

To read the press release about the Code click here.

Source: Charity Governance Code

FREE Organisation Resilience Webinar

In NCVO / Zurich webinar they looked at the factors involved in building organisational resilience and how enhancing resilience is an outcome of good business practice and effectively managing risk. You can watch the recording by clicking here.

What is Resilience?

Resilience is the ability of an organisation to anticipate, prepare for, respond and adapt to incremental change and sudden disruptions, in order to survive and prosper. This year has certainly delivered lots of opportunities for this to be tested.

Webinar Content

The webinar discussed how organisations which demonstrate the following principles have a strong foundation from which to build and then develop, implement and evaluate their resilience:

  • Behaviour aligned to shared vision and purpose
  • Up-to-date understanding of organisation’s context
  • The ability to absorb, adapt and effectively respond to change
  • Good governance and management
  • Diversity of skills, leadership, knowledge and experience
  • Coordination across management disciplines
  • Contributions from technical and scientific areas of expertise
  • Effective risk management
  • Shared risk culture across the organisation

For more information on what the webinar covered click here.

Source: Zurich Municiple

Planning for Future Uncertainty?

Charities don’t have a crystal ball enabling them to see into the future however you can make your charity more resilient to this uncertainty, by scenario planning and looking to investment into the organisation in these uncertain times to help develop resilience.

Charity Digital News takes you over their four steps in helping to create a more resilient organisation with topics including managing risks and scenario planning to developing scalable plans that helps your organisation ride out the storm.

To read the full article click here.

Source: Charity Digital News


UK Charity and EU Transition

On 21st January 2021 new rules come into place for UK Charities receiving money from the EU, EU volunteers or employing individuals from the EU. Don’t get caught out by these changes plan ahead!

In the Charity Commissions latest Newsletter issue 65 they provide links to useful resources aimed at explaining the transitions and the impacts this could have on your charity. For more information on the transition or to access these links click here.

Source: Charity Commission

Charity Commission Releases New User-Friendly Guides

As part of #TrusteesWeek the Charity Commission released a number of 5-minutes user-friendly guides aimed at supporting good governance within charitable organisations. Good governance within a charity underpins their delivery and how they connect, maintain and engage with stakeholders, as part of their activities.

Topics covered by the new guides include:

  • Charity finance,
  • Staying within the rules and preventing mission drift,
  • Decision making,
  • Conflicts of interest and
  • reporting to the Charity Commission

To access these new guides by the Charity Commission click here.

Source: Charity Commission

New Rules for Volunteering During Lockdown

According to the latest Government guidance volunteers are except from the mixing of households but are encouraged where possible to volunteer from home. In the latest Government guidance they set out the rules for safe and effective volunteering during the current lockdown. The guide aims to help organisations and groups understand how to safely and effectively involve volunteers during the pandemic.

The document goes on to warn charities not to make volunteers compelled to volunteer as part of their continued response to the pandemic. They also point out that the person volunteering must not be put at risk by asking them to carry out their volunteering role.

To read the full Government guidance click here. Alternatively, to read the Civil Society News article click here.

If your organisation is looking for volunteers or support with developing your volunteer opportunities please contact SCVO’s Growing Participation and Volunteering Mentor, Kim Fuller on 07519120711 or email

Source: Civil Society News

Expressing Your Fundraising Journey Within Your Annual Report

Recent analysis shows many charities are falling short in the way in which they are communicating their fundraising journey in their annual report, according to Philip Satherley. In The Chartered Institute of Fundraising’s article they discuss what preparation a charity should be considering when explaining their funding journey to supporters, stakeholders and funders, the need to be transparent and why this is an important reporting requirement that needs to be met. 

The Fundraising Regulator to ensure has produced a Guide to support improvements in meeting thee requirements of the Act, which includes information on how to write a clear and detailed statements to ensure the charity is complying with the Act but can still be understood by the public to support increased trust in the sector.

To read the full Chartered Institute of Fundraising article click here.

Source: Chartered Institute of Fundraising


Charity Commission Quick and Easy Guides For Trustees

As part of #TrusteesWeek the Charity Commission created quick and easy guides (5 minute reads) to help Trustees with different aspects of Charity governance. The guides provide helpful information and explain the basics on financial oversight, achieving a charity’s purposes, good decision making, addressing conflicts of interest, what to file with the Commission and what support is available if needed.

The information provided is intended to provide clear advise to charity trustees during these challenging and unprecedented times. You can access the guides by clicking here.

Source: Charity Commission

Trustees Week Chat: An Invitation to Talk About Trustees and Their Role with Dudley CVS and SCVO

Dudley CVS and SCVO (Sandwell) are jointly hosting an informal session on Trustees and their roles as part of Trustees Week 2020. The session is being held on Friday 6th November 2020, 10am till 12pm via a Zoom Conference Call. 

The agenda will be open, allowing participants to ask questions, share their experiences and get support with anything to do with being a charity trustee, whatever their current level of experience is. Staff from Dudley CVS and SCVO will be on hand to share their knowledge and offer encouragement and guidance to help run your charity.

The session is particularly aimed at anyone in Dudley or Sandwell boroughs who:
• Is interested in learning more about being a charity trustee before they become one
• Is a new trustee
• Has experience of being a charity trustee that they’d like to share or would like to improve their knowledge
• Would like to find out about organisations in their areas that might be looking for charity trustees
• Represent a charity that has trustee vacancies

This virtual session will be held on Zoom. Please register your place to ensure that you are sent joining instructions by clicking here.

Become a member of Black Country Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust and have your say

Black Country Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust feel it is important that they have a membership community that is representative of the communities it serves. The Trust would like to offer you the opportunity to become a member and have your say. Your voice matters, as it helps to shape the future of the Trust, to better meet the needs of the people who use its services.

Services include specialist mental health, learning disability, and community healthcare services for the population of the Black Country. Across the whole of the region the Trust provides adult and older adult mental health services, specialist mental health services such as community perinatal mental health, child and adolescent mental health services, learning disability services and community healthcare services for children, young people and families in Dudley. There are over 3,000 staff, based at 65 sites, which includes community bases and seven acute hospitals, across the four boroughs of the Black Country, Dudley, Sandwell, Walsall and Wolverhampton.

Membership is open to anyone aged 12 years or above who would like to make a difference. Becoming a member is free and easy to do. All you need to do is go online here and complete the membership application.

By registering as a member you will kept informed about future plans. This will give you an opportunity, through the elected governors, to influence how the Trust moves forward and how you can be involved in shaping future services.

If you would like to find out more visit the website, call the membership office on 0121 612 8061 or email

Further information available in the attached leaflet.

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