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New Free Safeguarding Guide

What should you include in your charity’s safeguarding policies and procedures?

Any organisation with safeguarding responsibilities has a duty to put in place appropriate policies and procedures to protect vulnerable people from harm.

Zurich Insurance have produced a detailed guide, which explains many of the key considerations when creating safeguarding policies and procedures.

Click here to go to Zurich Insurance website to download the guide.


What to Consider When Buying Insurance for Small Charities

As a trustee of a small charity, one of your duties is to protect your charity and its assets and resources. Buying insurance is one of the ways that you can help fulfil this responsibility.

If you’re confused about what insurance cover you need for your charity, check out this article from Zurich Insurance. Using clear and simple terms, it explains about the different types of cover and answers some frequently asked questions. What to consider when buying insurance for small charities.

The government website also provides helpful guidance – click here.

Free Funding for Your Organisation with easyfundraising

Funding is available for voluntary organisations, non-profits, charities and CICs in our region through fundraising website easyfundraising. Register your organisation as a good cause with easyfundraising to benefit from donations from leading retailers including Amazon, eBay, trainline, M&S, Waitrose and John Lewis.

easyfundraising is completely free to register and use and is an easy and simple way of raising funds in the background while your organisation concentrates on its day-to-day tasks. You’ll also get free 121 support from a fundraising coach.

Find out more by clicking here.

Building A Digital Fundraising Stream

Many small charities have asked about how to build effective digital income stream, FSI’s discusses their tips to help your organisations,  whether you are thinking about fundraising through third party sites, email fundraising, social media, virtual events, textgiving or contactless donations. It’s really important to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. 

1. Make sure your website is up to date

Think about how you can add stories and news in a visible way. It is relatively easy to make your own video without specialist equipment, post it on YouTube or Vimeo and embed it on your site. Unless your cause prevents it, make sure you put beneficiaries centre stage, telling their own stories and explaining your role in their lives. Do the same with funders and volunteers to inspire others to help.

2. Review what the donate button and process is like on your website

What is the journey for your potential donor – is it easy to donate, do you connect them with the impact of their gift, and does your thank you process effectively engage and warm up your supporters?

3. Publicise your site

Publicise your site and campaigns as widely as possible, including social media, emails and Google Ad grants which you can use to highlight your ‘support us pages’ and the magic donate now page. Google Grants give you up to $10,000 worth per month of free advertising in Google searches. It can put your ads prominently in Google’s search results, and give a big boost to your website traffic.​

Read the full article by clicking here.

Ten Top Tips for Making Your Organisation Attractive to Volunteers

The Directory of Social Change want to share with you their 10 top tip for making your organsiation attractive to volunteers.

1 – Provide enjoyable volunteering
People volunteer in their discretionary leisure time. With the unrelenting pressures people feel in modern life, they want to spend their precious spare time enjoying themselves.

Making volunteering enjoyable is critical if you want to attract and keep volunteers. You see you’re not competing with other volunteer involving organisations when recruiting volunteers. You’re competing with all the leisure activities that people could spend their spare time doing – going to the cinema, having a meal with friends, watching a sports event etc..

So, make your volunteering rewarding and enjoyable. Really understand what drives your volunteers, their passions and interests. Or, in the words of a famous kids TV show from my childhood, they’ll go and do something less boring instead.

2 – Give great customer service
Do you remember the days where if you bought something mail order you usually had to wait 28 days for delivery? In today’s internet enabled age we now expect next day delivery at a minimum. Expectations have changed.

Read their full article by clicking here.

If you’ve got a volunteer opportunity you’d like to share contact Kim Fuller on 0121 525 1127 to get it listed on Let’s Go Sandwell.

Putting Your Brand Voice into Action

Substrakt in their article share some tips for dodging the challenges associated to developing a good brand voice and helping you put your brand voice into action. This will be useful for digital folk in the arts looking to implement or improve your brand voice, whether your guidelines exist or not. 

The difference between voice and tone – the words ‘voice’ and ‘tone’ are often used interchangeably; but they’re actually quite different things!

Voice is about your brand personality – it’s about your character, your quirks and your unique blend of attributes that leave an impression on your audience. Your personality should feel pretty solid.

Tone, on the other hand, is less ingrained – it’s about shifting your language to meet the emotions and expectations of your audience, respecting the context they’re receiving you in.

To read the full click here.

Moving Forward What is Best In-Person or Hybrid Working?

Are you currently weighing up the benefits and disadvantages of a remote vs hybrid work setting? Directory of Social Change been through it, find out how they made their decision with Ben Wittenberg’s helpful tips.

Organisations have got a new set of challenges moving forward to consider do they return to everything being in-person and in the office again, do they stay online and all work remotely or do they look to do a more complex mixture of the two, working together sometimes and not others – and if they do that, how, and who decides when that is?

To read the full article by DSC click here.

Guide for Digital Loan Schemes

During the COVID 19 pandemic, Black Country Futures faced an unprecedented challenge, both as charities delivering support and for their participants, who were unable to access services face-to-face. Black Country Futures knew that their beneficiaries would be particularly vulnerable during lock-down, as a high proportion of them had no digital device or internet connection, meaning they would be excluded from accessing other services and support that were moving online.

Many partners set up Digital Loan Schemes which have been very successful and have had a huge positive impact on those they support, but they were not without their challenges, especially in the early stages. While we now moving out of lock-down BCF do not see these schemes ending, as the world becomes increasingly digitised. For anyone working with people who are marginalised or elderly, there will be a need to provide this type of support on an ongoing basis. Black Country Futures have learnt a number of things during the last year and half, which they would like to share with others who may be thinking of starting similar schemes to help them ensure these are successful.

Here we share some insights, challenges and recommendations that may help other organisations who are thinking about setting up digital loan schemes.

If you would like more information please contact Nikki-Dee Haddleton, Black Country Futures Partnership Strategic Lead,


The National Lottery Grants for Heritage Programme Webinar: 24th November 2021

The Midlands & East Engagement Team at the National Lottery will be holding a webinar for community and voluntary sector support agencies across the Midlands area, on Wednesday, 24th November 2021. In your roles as supporting local communities, the Lottery thought this would be a good opportunity to get together to tell you more about the National Lottery funding programme.

Time: 1.30 pm – 3.00 pm
Where: Online via Microsoft Teams

The informal session will explore:
• National Lottery grants of between £3,000 and £5million
• What is meant by heritage?
• Updates about priority outcomes and how to meet them
• What makes a great project?

The Lottery want to try and tailor the presentation to your needs. If you would like them to cover a particular topic about the programme, or if you have any specific questions, there is an opportunity to submit these when you book onto the webinar. There will also be a Q&A section at the end of the webinar.

Book your place on webinar via Ticketsource.



6 Tips to Boost Online Donations

CAF explains in their article that your charity’s website is an important tool for raising funds and they’ve put together six top tips to help you drive your online donations.

1 Make it match — Brand consistency!

Building and maintaining relationships with your supporters is the key to successful online fundraising. The value of your charity’s brand is vital in helping to maintain trust with your donors.

2 Make it super easy

  • Can your visitors easily find the information they are looking for?
  • Is the donation button or page prominent on your site?
  • How many clicks does it take for someone to be able to make a donation?

One of the key benefits of online donations is the speed and convenience for your donors. Unfortunately, too many charities make their online donation process unnecessarily complicated. This can often put off potential donors so you need to consider this carefully.

3 Make your online donation form user-friendly
With 26% of UK donations being made online according to our latest UK Giving report, it’s crucial for charities to have an user-friendly online donation form available on their websites.

To read the full article by CAF click here.

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