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Finding Volunteers Using Social Media

The National Lottery in their article discuss the power of social media and harnessing this tool to reach out to people in the community, to be able to find that extra pair of helping hands. They explore the different ways and channels that can be used to scout out volunteers for your organisation or activity.

They following topics with additional reading are discussed:

  • Make a visual advert,
  • Come with a specific ask,
  • Provide a ‘call to action‘ in your social media posts,
  • Recognise current volunteers,
  • Use a hastag and tagging and
  • Ask local elected reps and people of interest in your community to share.

To read the full article click here.

If you have a volunteering opportunity or would like support with a volunteering concern then please do get in touch with Kim Fuller SCVO’s Growing Participation and Volunteering Mentor by email at kim@scvo.info. We’re here to help support your organisation develop and grow.

Source: The National Lottery

It’ll be Lonely This Christmas…

Just a few minutes on the phone could make all the difference to someone feeling isolated and lonely at this uncertain time.

Sandwell Together would love to hear from anyone who has time to spare each week to make someone’s day with a friendly chat.

The service was developed during the first lockdown, but has now been funded through Sandwell Advocacy to continue supporting those who have no-one to turn to for a listening ear.

So far, Sandwell Together has reached out to befriend 200 local people in need.

Independent Advocate Juanita Williams, who is leading on Sandwell Together, said it’s a vital service and makes a huge difference to people, especially at the moment. “People are feeling more cut off and Christmas will be lonelier than ever for some,” she said. “We need volunteers who can spare just a short time every week to pick up the phone and have a chat. Some people really only want a quick catch-up, while others appreciate a listening ear for a bit longer. It all depends on the arrangement you make between you.”

Telephone befrienders need listening skills, and stand to gain through training an improved telephone manner; awareness of confidentiality; increased knowledge of safeguarding issues and better knowledge of local services available to Sandwell residents.

Sandwell Advocacy provides independent advocacy throughout Sandwell, promoting rights, voice and empowerment.

For more details contact Juanita on 0121 520 8070 or email juanita.williams@sandwelladvocacy.org

Championing Digital Inclusion

Charity Digital News explains why charities should be championing digital inclusion to ensure members of their community aren’t being left behind. Often charities are at the forefront of social change and community progress, playing a key role in ensuring beneficiaries aren’t being left behind by the emerging digital divide.

Within their article they discuss the challenges many of our community members face as part of the digital divide, the impact digital exclusion is having and the need for digital champions (who don’t need to be experts) that can take the sting out of going online ultimately making the process simpler and smoother.

To read the article in full click here.

Source: Charity Digital News

Passionate about Community Housing? wMUCH Would Like to Hear From You

West Midlands Urban Community Homes (wMUCH) is a new hub to provide knowledge and expertise to inspire and support a new wave of community led housing in the West Midlands. They do this by working with a wide range of stakeholders to help unlock the people, land, finance and development skills needed to enable community led housing.

West Midlands Urban Community Homes is a Community Benefit Society, set up by housing and community focused organisations. The organisation is funded by central government and Power to Change, as part of a national network of hubs, working across Birmingham, Coventry, Dudley, Sandwell, Solihull, Walsall and Wolverhampton.

At this exciting time in their development, wMUCH are looking for new non-executive Directors to join the Board.

They are particularly looking to complement existing skills and experience on the Board and would like to hear from a range of applicants.  If you don’t have the particular skills and experience listed below, please don’t let it deter you from applying! If you are passionate about the community led housing movement, wMUCH would like to hear from you and hear what you can bring.

Skills and experience:
• Communications and marketing
• Finance, particularly development finance
• Land and planning
• Experience of different housing markets, particularly private and commercial

Location and networks:
• wMUCH are particularly keen to recruit Directors who are based in Coventry, Dudley, Sandwell, Solihull, Walsall or Wolverhampton

Find out more and how to apply here

Please apply by the closing date on 30 November 2020.

Getting the Most from Digital Volunteers

In Charity Digital News how to get the most from your digital volunteers they review NCVO and the centre for Aging better’s findings, hints and tips. Together with the challenges of attracting and managing volunteers to harness their skills to best effect for the organisation. Suggesting the strongest motivator for volunteers was how they are treated within the organisation so they feel valued, supported and got the recognition for their hard work on behalf of the organisation.

Within the article they go on to suggest that creating a digital system can create a sense of community and transparency enabling the organisation to focus more on the cause or campaign being undertaken. Taking the reader through their tips on how to use digital skills to support, motivate and develop both staff and volunteers.

Find out more by reading their article here.

Source: Charity Digital News

Corporate Volunteering and How This Can Help Charities

Corporate volunteering can be mutually beneficial for both companies and charities as they access skills, tools or manpower to support their activities. Charity Digital News in their guide explain and explore the benefits of accessing corporate volunteers and what this could mean for the charity.

Charities taking advantage of skills-based corporate volunteering have a unique opportunity to upskill their own workforce whilst tapping into the professionalism and experience of the corporate volunteer in their activities rather than just using them for the more traditional method of volunteering. It also brings the advantage of enabling the charity to save money and resources from not having to purchase these services that can then be re-invested in other areas of the charities activities or service delivery.

To explore corporate volunteering further take a look at Charity Digital news article by clicking here.

If you’d like to find out more about volunteering opportunities in Sandwell then give Kim Fuller, our Growing Participation and Volunteering Mentor, a call on 07519 120711, email kim@scvo.info or you can visit the Let’s Go website at www.letsgosandwell.info/ to find out more.

Source: Charity Digital News

Let’s Go…

Here in Sandwell we have thousands of people helping out, formally and informally, every single day of the week. And our new web site www.letsgosandwell.info will help even more people find fulfilment in volunteering and support the work of the sector.

The site hosts all kinds of opportunities to get involved with local voluntary and community organisations, demonstrating the huge range of tasks carried out by willing helpers.

Some are skill sharers – mapping out a new web site for a charity; taking time out to be a trustee or book keeper; running singalong sessions in a residential setting; as a youth group leader or sports coach.

Some are carers – shopping for friends, neighbours and clients; boosting their day with a friendly phone call; advocating on their behalf. And some are skill seekers – helping out with any task feasible to gain experience, friendship and the confidence to build the life and future they want.

If your organisation is looking for helpers, or to find out more about ‘Let’s Go…’ and how we support volunteering in Sandwell, email kim@scvo.info

Lettuce turnip the beet!

A Smethwick pre-school has a great opportunity for a helper who likes the fresh air.

Two Steps in Price Street is hoping for help to maintain the garden where the youngsters spend hours having fun.

Early Years and Quality Practice Manager Zara Hill said: ‘This is a fantastic opportunity to volunteer and maintain our much loved garden. We are looking for a helpful helper to come and join in the fun, planting, weeding and preening.  We are kind, caring and passionate – a person of any age and ability welcome.’

If you would like to know more contact Zara on 0121 558 3475 or email z.hill@wsenterprise.co.uk

Experts by Experience

National charity, Diabetes UK, are looking for local people to spare a little time sharing their experience to help others. Diabetes UK recognises that people with diabetes are the experts on their own lives and condition, and the best people to help them develop support, services and information for others.

Diabetes UK need help with the new ‘Live Well, Move More’ programme. The initiative targets people living with diabetes in England who do less than 30 minutes of activity per week. They particularly need input from people who are:

• living with type 1 diabetes
• living with diabetes who are of South Asian heritage
• newly diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.

Other requirements are participants must be available for a monthly online meeting, and feel comfortable sharing their experience and understanding of Diabetes. As advisers, their contribution will help create resources for other people living with the condition.

To find out more about how contributing your experience could really make a difference, contact Sally.Smith@diabetes.org.uk.



Helping from Home

A little bit of patience and a listening ear are the main requirements of a telephone befriender. From the comfort of your own home you could really make a difference to the life of someone who is lonely and in need of a chat.

One organisation currently looking for trainee befrienders is Murray Hall Community Trust, based in Tipton. The organisation promotes health and wellbeing by enabling and supporting people in need to overcome the challenges of inequality; by advocating on their behalf; facilitating empowerment; pioneering new solutions and delivering innovative services and stronger communities.
If you would like more details contact Paul.dodd@murrayhall.co.uk

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