Government Policy has called for a shift in focus of service to Children and Young People

Government Policy has called for a shift in focus of service to Children and Young People

Government policy has called for a shift in focus of services from crisis intervention to one of early intervention and prevention.  A key principle is that all professionals working with, and on behalf of, children, young people and their families accept their full responsibility for ensuring that everything possible is done to prevent the unnecessary escalation of issues and difficulties and that a positive focus is maintained on ensuring the best outcomes.

The purpose of this specification is for Sandwell and West Birmingham CCG (SWBCCG) to set out the requirements for delivery of Tier 2/Getting Help Emotional Health and Wellbeing services, for children and young people (CYP) in Sandwell.

The CCG have committed to commissioning of new providers, to ensure sufficient emotional health and wellbeing services are available to meet health needs of CYP. There will be a greater emphasis of early intervention also and ensuring needs can be de-escalated with the correct intervention.

Given that there are a range of delivery requirements contained within the tender, it may well be that there are opportunities for locally-connected VCS groups to be part of a possible collaborative approach – working in conjunction with a more ‘specialist’ lead agency.

The deadline for this tender is 11 September 2020, which offers a relatively short ‘window’ for submissions. However, if you feel that this might be something in which you are interested, please contact us for a further discussion – or via the numbers on our ‘Contact Us’ page.

You can view the tender documents at: (but will need to be registered in order to access them fully).

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