The Charity Sector and Digital Exclusion

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The Charity Sector and Digital Exclusion

Digital Influencer computerWith an ever increasing push to do things online, constant digital advancements and innovation, Charity Digital News takes a look at what digital exclusion means for the charity sector. Digital exclusion is a real barrier for accessing essential services from online banking to filling in online forms, causing a real challenge for those who have limited access or no access at all to digital technology or the internet. In real terms this can lead to lower confidence levels and skills which can lead to individuals being digitally excluded from social and economic opportunities. 

The pandemic has served only to highlight the digital divide further and leave many vulnerable groups feeling even more disconnected and removed from the world around them. In their article they discuss the challenges of brining digital resources and skills to everyone. You can read the full article by clicking here.

Source: Charity Digital News

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