The Faith New Deal Pilot Fund – now open

The Faith New Deal Pilot Fund – now open

The Faith New Deal Pilot Fund is a new, competitive grant programme to help support faith-based organisations to use their resources effectively within their community and to build trust between national government, local government and faith groups.

Government wants to recognise the role faith-based organisations play in the resilience of our communities and the importance of local faith groups working collaboratively to respond to societal issues.

The core aim of the Faith New Deal Pilot Fund is to test and strengthen the nature of engagement between national government, local government and faith groups – providing proof of concept of the role faith groups play in supporting communities to solve local problems.

Through effective partnership working with public service providers, such as local authorities or public health bodies, faith groups can use their skills to deliver solutions to local problems that offer communities coherent and sustainable change.

The Faith New Deal Pilot fund will provide up to £975,000 for faith groups to apply for to work in partnership with local public services and philanthropists.

Funded pilots will be innovative projects to strengthen engagement between local and national government and faith groups – testing what can be achieved when they work together. The programme will fund projects to tackle social issues, including those arising from the impact of COVID-19, to support the recovery efforts of communities.

The deadline for bids is at 11:59pm on Thursday 7 October 2021

For more information, including how to apply, visit: Faith New Deal Pilot Fund prospectus – GOV.UK (

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