The Importance of Authenticity For Charity Virtual Events

The Importance of Authenticity For Charity Virtual Events

2020 has been the year of the virtual fundraising event. But with the sudden boom of charity activity now taking place online, it can be even more of a challenge for charities to move audiences to give and take part. Especially when there are so many competing voices vying for peoples’ attention.

In an increasingly content-saturated world, it can be challenging for charities to get their message heard when there is so much out there already. Transparency and authenticity are the key to successful and sustained charity communications and donor relationships.

The importance of defining your message charity’s is invaluable to lasting and memorable donor relationships and ultimate growth. By clearly outlining your mission, and connecting the format and style of your event to your cause, you can help your audience to better understand your mission.

Anyone can throw a virtual fundraising event together these days, but how do you take a great idea and make it your charity’s own? How do you make it memorable, compelling and human without the traditional face to face element?

The key lies in carefully defining your event’s message and relating it to supporters in a way that feels authentic, by keeping your charity’s story centre stage. Here are a few pointers.

Tie your fundraising activity to your mission

When thinking of an idea for your virtual fundraising event, try and come up with something that has a direct impact on supporters and is tied to your cause. Is there a way you can give back something of value to those fundraising for you? If you’re a foodbank, you could run an online cookery class and ask people to donate. If you’re an education and awareness charity, it could be a virtual quiz related to your area of expertise.

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