The Lord Lieutenant for the West Midlands and Mayor of Sandwell Celebrate Volunteers with Black Country Touring

The Lord Lieutenant for the West Midlands and Mayor of Sandwell Celebrate Volunteers with Black Country Touring

The Lord Lieutenant for the West Midlands and Mayor of Sandwell will be attending a special event at The Dorothy Parkes Centre in Smethwick on the 15th November 2019, 6.45pm to celebrate the role of Black Country Touring’s promoters and volunteers who are instrumental in helping put on  a range of exciting events in their local communities.

Bringing professional touring theatre, dance and film from the UK and beyond to the communities of Dudley, Sandwell, Walsall and Wolverhampton, Black Country Touring works with local promoters and volunteers to programme events in local venues across the region.

This month The Dorothy Parkes Centre have chosen a performance by professional theatre company Little Bulb who have collaborated with arts centre Farnham Maltings on a new music and theatre production called ’Mountain Music’.
The story creates an unforgettable tapestry of culture, migration and history exploring the roots of what we now call country music and its impact on popular music today.

John Crabtree, OBE, the Lord-Lieutenant of the West Midlands, said: “Centres like Dorothy Parkes and events like this are part of the glue that help hold communities together, they allow people to come together to experience great entertainment and also to connect with friends and neighbours.

Of course, non of this would happen without staff and volunteers; and Black Country Touring who support a whole network of volunteers and local community promoters to bring theatre, dance and cinema into the heart of local communities.”

For the past 21 years Black Country Touring have continued to put the local community at the very heart of decision making, from finding the stories for new shows to hosting the events that are most important to and resonate with them.

Frances Land, Co-artistic Director, Said: “ Black Country Touring works hard in supporting local promoters to bring the very best entertainment right into the heart of local communities.  We are delighted that both the Lord Lieutenant and Mayor of Sandwell will be joining the audience at the Dorothy Parkes centre on the 15th November to see just how vital events like this and centres like Dorothy Parkes are in bringing local communities together.”

From Rajasthan Circus in Smethwick to Afghani Rap in Wolverhampton, Seaside tales in caravans in Coseley and shared stories beamed onto Facebook live from shops in West Bromwich and Wolverhampton, Black Country Touring, alongside their team of volunteers and promoters, has been entertaining and inspiring local people right on their doorsteps for the past 21 years.

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