The UK Civil Society Almanac is now available…and it’s more interesting than it sounds!

The UK Civil Society Almanac is now available…and it’s more interesting than it sounds!

What is the UK Civil Society Almanac?

It’s an online publication that combines data from charities’ accounts, administrative data and surveys to map the structure and economy of the UK voluntary sector.

Published annually by NCVO,  it is the definitive reference publication for anybody interested in the voluntary sector, and its role in civil society. It gives a compelling overview of the voluntary sector’s scope and characteristics, including its finances, workforce, and volunteering, together with analysis of long term trends in order to track how the sector is changing over time.

How might you use the data?

There are lots of possible applications – you could use it…

…to inform your strategy writing
…to help with your financial planning
…to benchmark your organisation
…for staff training or board presentations
…to adapt your campaigns or policy work

And here’s a few snapshots:

  • Voluntary organisations are not distributed evenly throughout the UK, with over 80% in England.
  • England has 2.4 organisations per 1000 people, fewer than in Scotland and Northern Ireland which have 3.6 and 3.3 per 1,000 people respectively.
  • Half of all English charities are based in the three regions of the south.
  • English charities generate 88% of the sector’s income, and just under two-thirds (62%) of the sector’s assets are in London.
  • The voluntary sector workforce increased by 4% between June 2016 and June 2017.
  • Between June 2016 and June 2017, the proportion of men working for the voluntary sector increased from 35% to 37%, confirming a trend that started in September 2014.
  • 59% of the sector’s employees work in social care, health and education.
  • EU nationals working in the voluntary sector represent 4% of the total voluntary sector workforce. Their number has decreased by 7,800 since June 2016.

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