Thought You Were Done on Safeguarding?

Thought You Were Done on Safeguarding?

The Charity Commission has finally published its Oxfam inquiry report, and it has been well and truly chewed over.

Much of the focus, rightly, has been on organisational culture, and whether Oxfam’s leadership since 2011 fostered an environment that prioritised the organisation’s public image and revenue streams over people’s safety and wellbeing. See Civil Society news analysis for views on this by clicking here.

But equally if not more important for the sector was the report of the independent commission appointed by Oxfam International to review its safeguarding practices. Since the scandal broke in February last year, Oxfam had already massively increased its safeguarding budget, hired a safeguarding associate director at Oxfam International and a director of safeguarding at Oxfam GB. It had updated all its relevant policies, enhanced its induction procedures, introduced a new performance management process and provided training across the organisation. Yet the independent commission has effectively dismissed all that as mere tinkering, and said the organisation needed to completely “reinvent” its entire safeguarding system across its international network.

To read the full Civil Society article click here.

Source: Civil Society

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