Your Six Top Tips for Writing Better Funding Applications Part Two

Your Six Top Tips for Writing Better Funding Applications Part Two

top-tipsHow did you get on with our previous seven top tips? Here are another six top tips designed to help you write better funding applications.

1. Check Your Figures
It is confusing to read through an application where facts and figures don’t add up, so make sure the information is consistent throughout. The individual cost items you request on your cost breakdown should equal the total amount that you are requesting.

2. Make It Legible
Please DO NOT write in block capitals. It makes our job more administration-heavy if we have to convert everything.

3. Proof Read
Always, always proof read your application before sending it. Incorrect information wastes time and is easily avoidable.

4. Bare Minimum
At the very least, ensure you have done the bare minimum for your application. To send in information over and above what is requested is fine (as long as it does not equate to War and Peace). But to fail to meet even the minimum requirements is the quickest way to ensuring an unsuccessful application.

5. Be Different
We know that there are certain things that are not covered by statutory funding. And we know that the current climate means even more ‘every day’ items now need to be funded. But we don’t want to read 100 applications asking for the same thing, and we certainly are unable to fund them all. Please try to make your projects different and interesting.

6. Funders Talk
Funders talk to other funders. We like to share information with each other, particularly if we have experienced problems with an organisation. If you are applying to multiple funders, make sure you are consistent, and ensure you follow the rules.

Do you need a critical friend to review your funding application? Then why not give SCVO a call on 0121 5251127 to see how we can help you to enhance your application.

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