Tips for Increasing Donations on a Mobile

Tips for Increasing Donations on a Mobile

Think about the last charity website you looked at or even the one you’re looking at now – chances are, you were looking at it through the screen of a mobile device.

Mobile now accounts for accounts for over half of web traffic worldwide. So it’s surprising that many charities still aren’t thinking about their online fundraising with mobile users in mind. Recent analysis from non-profit digital agency Reason Digital found that charities could be missing out on billions each year simply because potential donors were frustrated or put off by the experience of a charity’s website on mobile.

As Matt Haworth, co-founder of Reason Digital said: “These users represent a vast and potentially untapped audience for many charities. It’s therefore vital for charities to not just attract new users, but keep them on the website and encourage them to find out more through a properly optimised design and carefully considered user journey.”

The good news is that designing a mobile-friendly donation journey is easily within the reach of most charities. While these tips are not comprehensive, they could be a good starting point to improving the way your charity fundraises through mobile.

1-Use empathy when considering your user experience

Nowadays, just having a website that is ’mobile-responsive’ (automatically adapts its layout to all mobile devices) is not really enough anymore. Google has been favouring mobile-friendly websites since 2015 when it updated its ranking algorithm, and most website builders nowadays will be making sites mobile responsive as standard. But having this feature doesn’t automatically make for a great experience for donors.

To get the most from your fundraising efforts, you still need to work on removing as many barriers as you can for people to give to your charity via mobile. You really need to assess your website from the point of view of someone scrolling on their mobile and ask:

  • Is our message clear?
  • Is information clear and concise?
  • Is it obvious what to click next?
  • Is the donate button easy to find (always available or one click away)?
  • Could I make this any easier for them?
  • Is it a pleasant experience?
  • Is there enough interesting content?

A decision whether to stay on a website and find out more often happens in a split second and on an emotional level. Sometimes the simplest changes can mean the difference between a user being compelled to keep engaging with your charity or getting bored and clicking off to any number of other distractions.

To read the full Charity Digital News Article click here.

Source: Charity Digital News

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