Tools for Social Media Scheduling

Tools for Social Media Scheduling

Charity Digital News have taken a look at some of the top tools for scheduling on social media and how they can help. The timing of your post is everything, as different audiences are more likely to read posts and view videos at different times of the day.

For example, commuters are more likely to consume social media on their daily journeys to work. Homeworkers may be more eager to read posts in the middle of the day. Meanwhile, parents of young children barely have any time to look at Twitter and Facebook and other social media, especially in the early evening, when meals, baths, and bedtime take priority.

It is therefore important that you time your posts with this in mind if you want to attract diverse audiences which is key to successful marketing campaigns or information sharing. And different social media platform audiences may require tailored content, from the professional users of LinkedIn to the more visually-focussed and younger users of TikTok and Instagram.

To help with this there are a range of social media scheduling tools, which plan when content is published to ensure they reach target audiences. In their article they take a look at a handful of the best scheduling tools for the different needs and sizes of charities. To read the full article click here.

Source: Charity Digital News

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