Top 10 Digital Tools Every Charity Should Have

Top 10 Digital Tools Every Charity Should Have

Charity Digital News has listed the 10 digital tools that no charity can do without, with one for each of the topic areas we cover, including fundraising, service delivery and operations.

Digital is now more integral than ever to charity operations, with a wealth of tools available to help them be more efficient.

But more can be done. The 2020 Charity Digital Skills Report found that two thirds of charity representatives believe their leaders lack or need to improve on their digital skills.

To help we have taken each of our ten key topic areas and listed one vital tool from each of them.

The ten topic areas are: finance, marketing & communications, leadership & skills, operations & efficiency, data & analytics, fundraising, risk & compliance, service delivery, tech for good, and ethics.

CRM System
Managing relationships with donors is vital for the smooth running of a charity. A robust CRM system is crucial to achieving this.

This key data and analytics tool helps to bring together all a charity’s relationships in one place and ensure they are being approached in a way that suits them. A CRM system helps to analyse data about supporters and explore ways they can give more money and more regularly to a charity’s cause.

Typically, CRM systems offer benefits such as donor segmentation for more targeted communications, better management of fundraising campaigns and fast and accurate reporting on the impact of campaigns and activities.

Among CRM products designed specifically to help charities is Nonprofit Cloud, which offers real time measurement and artificial intelligence (AI) insights into donors.

An alternative is the cloud-based Microsoft Dynamics 365, which has a range of functions such as tracking fundraising goals and automating supporter communications.

To read the full Charity Digital News article click here.

Source: Charity Digital News

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