Top 5 tips for a tip-top event! – Part 2

Top 5 tips for a tip-top event! – Part 2

EventsWe hope you found last week’s five top tips to planning your event interesting and useful? Here are another five top tips for you to consider in your event planning.

• Acknowledgements? Make sure that you order your acknowledgement materials at least a month in advance so that they can arrive in time, if you need to promote where you got your funding from for the event.

• Why not do a run through of the event a week or so in advance? That way you can be sure that everything will go to plan, and test any technical equipment you’re going to be using!

• Make sure you have enough chairs! People may want to sit down during speeches so make sure there are plenty of places for people to have a rest.

• If this is an outside event where seating isn’t possible make sure people don’t have to stand around for too long listening to speech after speech.

• If the event’s going to be outside, what is your plan if it rains?

• Agree in advance who in your group/team will take the different roles of welcoming people at the entrance, looking after your speakers, the Event Manager, the Press Manager, the catering, someone running the technology?

Remember if you would like any support or assistance with the event planning please call SCVO on 0121 525 1127.

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