Top 5 tips for a tip-top event! – Part 3

Top 5 tips for a tip-top event! – Part 3

community eventsHaving looked at the previous two weeks top tips for planning a tip-top event, how many of you were already thinking about our tips? Where you missing anything out? Well here’s another five tips to help you organise and plan your event.


• What food and drink are you going to provide? Cake always goes down well! What time of day you are having your event will affect what you provide.

• Think also about options for people with different dietary requirements (e.g. vegetarian, gluten-free, or vegan) religious/cultural requirements (e.g. halal or kosher) or children.

• Think about people’s different access requirements e.g. mobility, visual, intellectual – is your event accessible to everyone?

• Is there a loo? Make sure all your volunteers/staff know where it is so that they can direct people to it!

• Are you going to provide name badges? They can be really helpful for getting people to approach individuals they don’t know.

• Will your guests be given anything to take away? Any mementos of the event, or leaflets about your project? You might also want to give delegate packs with lists of who attended and information about the project.

Remember SCVO is here to help, just give us a call on 0121 525 1127 to find out more.

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