Top 5 tips for a tip-top event – Part 1

Top 5 tips for a tip-top event – Part 1

events make your calendarAlthough we understand that all projects are different, we thought it might be helpful to put together some of our ‘top tips’ for running a project event. Over the next four weeks we’ll be putting out our five top tips to help you with the planning of your event.

So here are your first five things that you might want to think about when planning your event:

• Make sure that you start planning early! We recommend at least three months before the event, as that gives you time to agree the purpose of the event, secure a venue, finalise all the details and get all the invites out as early as possible! You might even want to send ‘save the date’ emails to your VIPs so you can make sure they are free.

• Speak to your stakeholders – what do they want from the event and how do they want to be involved in planning it?

• Keep funders informed so that they can make sure we are free and attend the event. Also, remember to add any other funders’ logos to any invites and publicity materials you send out.

• What budget have you got? Make sure you think carefully about your event before you apply for funding, so that you can get what you need, but also so that your event is good value for money.

• Speeches? Think about whom you want to do speeches and start getting those written early on – make sure you get all your ‘thank you’s in too!

There will be more tips in the next e-bulletin.  If your group/organisation would like support or assistance with planning your event please contact SCVO on 0121 525 1127.

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