Top Digital Tools to Help Charities Measure Their Impact

Top Digital Tools to Help Charities Measure Their Impact

Evaluating the impact and value of charity work is crucial to attracting further funding and helping to improve. Here are five top digital tools and resources to help charities prove they are making a difference.

The NCVO’s Road Ahead report earlier this year stressed the importance to charities of being able to effectively show the impact of their work.

Measuring social impact is vital to transparency in the sector and to securing funding from trusts, government and the public alike.

Effective evaluation also helps charities to assess their strengths and weaknesses and pinpoint areas to improve.

“As the general public have increasing expectations of transparency and accountability, charities face more pressure to demonstrate they are trustworthy,” states this state of the sector report for the year.

“A big part of this is about ensuring there is congruence between values and actions, being transparent about how money is spent and finding the best way of showing impact.”

Thankfully measuring impact has been made easier through a range of useful tools and guides created to help the sector.

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Source: Charity Digital News

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