Top Ten Tips for a Perfect Project Plan

Top Ten Tips for a Perfect Project Plan

top tips boardA project plan is an essential supporting document for funding applications. Here are 10 top-tips to make sure yours ticks all the right boxes!

1. Use the template provided by the funder to help you! Click here for an example.

2. Read the template headings carefully and make sure the information you include gives the right information; be specific and state target numbers/audiences wherever possible.

3. Put activities in chronological order.

4. Break down each activity and consider how you are going to plan it from beginning to end, and then include each stage in your project plan.

5. Make sure the project plan, application and budget are all aligned and consistent. During assessment they will be closely scrutinised so don’t include any surprises! Make sure every activity you mention can be linked to your application and, where appropriate, your budget.

6. Have a critical friend look over it. It needs to have enough detail so that if your project lead leaves, someone who doesn’t know your project would be able to deliver it confidently after reading your project plan – would they know exactly what to do and the order they need to do it? We understand that this document may change slightly over the duration of your project, but still include as many details as you can.

7. Make sure you think of practicalities and logistics rather than just end events; recruitment, planning meetings and evaluation all need to be considered where applicable.

8. Tie each activity back to the funders outcomes wherever possible, the ‘What will you achieve’ column is the best place to do this.

9. Tie each activity into a partnership agreement (if you are providing one). Or, consider providing letters of support demonstrating any external assistance.

10. The length of a project plan will depend entirely upon the nature of your activities and the grant requested – there is no ideal length! Just ensure that you are including all the relevant information.

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