Training for Reducing Parental Conflict

Training for Reducing Parental Conflict

Recent evidence shows whilst conflict between parents is normal, if the conflict is frequent, intense and poorly resolved, it can harm a child’s mental health, impact their life chances, as well as their future relationships. Irrespective of whether the child lives with both parents in the same household or parents are separated, the impact is the same.

By working together, we can better understand the challenges of addressing parental conflict effectively and share learning on how to make a positive difference to the whole family.  Sandwell Council is offering two levels of training for Reducing Parental Conflict, starting January 2022.

Click on the links below for further details, training dates and to register your interest.

Level 1: Awareness training for those who come into contact with children and young people.

Level 2: Designed for those who provide dedicated support for parents and carers.

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