Turning Around Your Trusts and Foundations Fundraising

Turning Around Your Trusts and Foundations Fundraising

We’ve all been there that fundraising period where things aren’t going to plan and we’re not quite sure how to change it. When it feels like the money is drying up, you’re hearing no more often than yes, and you’re struggling to inject that fresh sparkle into your work.

With Covid-19 intensifying pressure, challenges and competition on trusts and foundations, there’s arguably never been a tougher time to fundraise. For many organisations, emergency funding will tide them over until the end of the financial year, but the pressure to find that next big grant win is never far away.

In Lime Green Consulting’s article they take you over their top tips to help you turn around your fundraising circumstances with topics that include:

  • Beef up your evidence of need,
  • Bring things to life with case studies, images and videos,
  • Squeeze every drop of feedback from funders,
  • Revisit your project – is there another way to deliver it?,
  • Anticipate and address any ‘red flags’,
  • Do some fresh prospect research and
  • Review the balance between quality and quantity

To read the full article click here.

Source: Lime Green Consulting

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