Understanding The Role Technology Plays In Driving Accountability

Understanding The Role Technology Plays In Driving Accountability

If charities are clear what data matters to them and how to measure it, then digital transformation can allow them to focus their technology’s energy on where it is most needed, says Nathan Baranowski from OJO Solutions.

We live in the age of information. An astonishing 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created on the web every day – that’s the equivalent of 10 million Blu-Ray films every 24 hours. Yet despite all this data, we still often struggle to gain access to the information we sorely need to facilitate decision-making and work productively.

But the rise of AI and big data is transforming the way we see information and how we use data – opening the doors to data delivering real-time insight and providing a single truth.

A world in which it’s commonplace to view real-time fundraising figures and access financial performance and management accounts automatically, without human intervention, is within reach. Emerging technology has the potential to liberate us all and focus us on purposeful decision-making. This is the information age.

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