University of Birmingham Professional Skills placements

University of Birmingham Professional Skills placements

What is the College of Arts and Law Professional Skills Module?
This autumn semester module enables Arts and Humanities students at the University of Birmingham to undertake a work experience placement as part of their degree. The aim is to develop their professional skills and confidence, enhance their employability and to explore a potential career.

How will it benefit your organisation?

  • A student can provide extra capacity, perhaps working on a project you may not have otherwise been able to fulfil.
  • They can contribute creativity, energy and a fresh perspective, and help with strategies for engaging young people.
  • Through their studies they have developed a range of skills that can benefit you, such as research, persuasive communication and organisation.
  • This module typically attracts driven, ambitious and inquiring students, keen to enhance their commercial awareness, sector knowledge and career focus.
  • Employers often ‘reboot’ their processes based on ideas or innovations from placement students.

How does it work?

  • Students must complete a minimum 70 hours (10 days) of work between June and December; often students become so invested in their placements they continue volunteering beyond the conclusion.
  • Organisations can offer full-time or part-time placements in summer and/or part-time placements during the autumn term (Oct-Dec) and can offer one or more projects/roles.

The Covid crisis prompted an urgent rethink in our approach to placements and we were fortunate in partnering with many organisations who seized the opportunity.

How do Virtual Placements work?

  • Students undertake placement project work from their homes and you provide recruitment, induction briefings, and regular supervision remotely, via video platforms, phone calls and emails. You don’t have to organise desk space, subsidise travel costs, or even be in your office when they are working.

What next?
If you are interested in offering a placement in 2021 and would like to explore the possibilities further, please email Lesley Griffiths, Placements Officer, on to arrange a meeting or phone conversation.

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