Vision 2030 Community Mental Health Grants

Round 2


Litterwatch will use the VS2030 funding to deliver weekly gardening sessions at their allotment based in West Bromwich with support from a qualified Mental Health First Aid facilitator. The sessions will be aimed at unemployed adults who are experiencing early signs of mental ill health with a focus to tackle social isolation, connect likeminded individuals and support positive health and wellbeing in participants whilst learning new skills and participating in therapeutic activity. Participants will have the opportunity to an industry recognised horticultural qualification alongside the sessions.

Wednesbury Tennis Club

Wednesbury Tennis Club aim to improve mental health, wellbeing and fitness levels within the Wednesbury community in a fun and family orientated environment using tennis activities. With support from the Vision 2030 grant programme, the group will facilitate weekly sessions aimed at attracting local individuals to participate in sociable group fitness sessions set on a tennis court in the heart of Brunswick Park with upbeat and motivating music that is open to people of all ages and abilities. Participants have the opportunity to block book onto four cardio tennis sessions, to support and enable them to make new community connections and spend time with family and friends.

DramaAndSome CIC

DramaAndSome will use Vision 2030 funding to deliver workshops to community groups for an interactive show which requires audience participation. The Performance will enable people to function collaboratively within a supportive framework, not only the range of human feelings but the range of social situations and moral dilemmas. It will provide people the opportunity to speak and presents a variety of viewpoints and perspectives for problem-solving. It allows people to bring their own experiences to the fore and makes them feel valued. The group will work alongside members in the community to produce an interactive show containing humour, escapism and a touch of shardenfruede and will work with residents from Langley Lodge, Thimblemill, Smethwick, and Tipton Libraries. These family-friendly shows will be opened up to a wider audience late Spring.

Beat in Percussion

Beat in Percussion will utilise the funding to run regular, monthly sound bath relaxation groups at Thimblemill Library, Bearwood and Wednesbury Town Hall and will produce a DVD/Video Relaxation session resource to share with Sandwell people with the support of existing Services and Providers across the borough. This activity will compliment existing activity and adress the need for additional low level support for local residents as we recover from the pandemic. The sessions aim to provide coping mechanisms and provision to tackle loss of confidence, low mood and a decline in their overall wellbeing and mental health In Sandwell.

Sandwell Consortium

Sandwell Consortium will use their VS2030 Funding to support a project that will enable three frontline workers to complete follow-on training to become qualified face to face i-act Instructors and deliver 3 face to face i-act Positive MH&WB courses free of charge by 31st December 2022 in Sandwell (delivery venues: West Bromwich, Tipton and Smethwick) to approximately 36 frontline staff/volunteers from Sandwell. They will be supported by the I-act Positive MH&WB manual to enable local people to have access this training free of charge.


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Round 1

Holy Trinity Church

Holy Trinity Church based in Old Hill, Rowley Regis will use their VS2030 Community Mental Health Funding to drive two initiatives at their venue “Soup and Soul” a weekly gathering for individuals to meet for lunch and support and “Trinity Treasures” a weekly group for families with young children both of which will provide a local opportunity for attendees to meet others in a COVID- secure way that can make a difference to their socialising skills providing whilst offering low level intervention activity for members of the community. Both sessions will have direct benefits to participants the project will also give volunteers opportunities of being valued and trained. For those new to volunteering this may result in growth of self-esteem and work experience.

The Kaleidoscope Plus Group

The Kaleidoscope Plus Group will use their VS2030 Community Mental Health Funding to deliver a PLUS Programme(Positive Life Using Skills) –The programme can be delivered face to face and virtually on online platforms. The programme runs across to 10 modules which address a whole host of topics to support Mental Health and Wellbeing. Alongside this KPG will also offer  a 2 day Mental Health First Aid course targeted at local independent businesses enabling staff members to understand the practical skills required to assess and assist with signs of mental health issues. They will gain confidence to step in, reassure and support a person in distress. To compliment the work KPG will also host a 2 hour Wellbeing session once a month for 6 months, to encourage Sandwell residents to interact, have open conversations and let us know what the community needs, enabling us to offer the relevant services to them.

Benson Community Project

Benson Community Project using their successful VS2030 Community Mental Health Funding will offer community cycling every Wednesday 4.30 to 5.30pm at Hadley Stadium in Smethwick giving those parents/adults the opportunity to meet peer to peer form relationships, engage, take part in a friendly atmosphere safe and appropriate for individual needs mental health. Open to anyone that would like to not only engage in physical activity but also to find a supportive and friendly place in their community. Listening attentively to the individual need on an individual basis with an open door policy for all to attend which Benson Community Project has been identified as a need placing positive interactions within the local community in and around the cape hill area of Smethwick bringing back better the community from the pandemic in a positive form requested by the holistic community we live in.

Life in Community

Life in Community C.I.C seeks to build on the work undertaken through their Lifeline Listening service with their successful VS2030 Community Mental Health Funding, by developing a responsive advocacy service that supports individuals and families facing challenging circumstances that involve other professional and/or statutory services. Lifeline Advocates aims to provide advocacy support to new and existing clients who experience low level/moderate mental health issues by providing additional help in liaising with schools, social services, court, housing and/or DWP. The need for this support has been driven by the responses and concerns highlightedby clients who have accessed our listening service. The support will be provided by existing volunteers, whilst recruiting new ones; who will complete mental health first aid training to ensure that all volunteers are equipped and upskilled. This training will be delivered by First Aid Response, accredited by the First Aid Industry Body (FAIB)

Dorothy Parkes

With their successful VS2030 Community Mental Health Funding, Dorothy Parkes will deliver an eight-week support programme across a 12 Month delivery period for people who are struggling with grief, bereavement, & loss. The programme will take place at Dorothy Parkes Centre in Smethwick and DP will deliver ten courses which can each accommodate 6-8 people. The programmes will be delivered at various times throughout the week, i.e., mornings/afternoons/evenings to accommodate all needs. The programme is designed to be accessible to all, regardless of community background, levels of literacy or neuro diversity.

Cape Community Centre

Cape Community Centre will use their VS2030 Community Mental Health Funding to facilitate a Parent & Baby/Toddler weekly session to include healthy brunch open to all. The project concept is to focus on Mental health issues such as postnatal depression, encourage lone & shy guardians to socialise, interact with other parents/carers – skill sharing – reducing isolation and promoting general positive wellbeing. They will continue to empower local people to support this project having already engaged with community members with previous experience in Child care who are keen to retrain. The Centre is supporting this and will offer free courses such as Safeguarding, DBS Certificates, Child Care & First Aid Course giving them confidence, self-worth and future prospects whilst ‘giving back to the community’.