Vision 2030 Programme – Main Grants

Vision 2030 Programme – Main Grants


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Phase 2 – Round 4

Sandwell Irish Community Association

The project aims to support Oldbury Health Centre service users to gain confidence, improve health and mobility through gentle exercise and develop healthy lifestyle habits. The long-term aim of the project is that service users of the exercise group will be able to use the lodge as their long-term base to access other services to be physically active with more confidence. Sandwell Irish will be providing the exercise provider that already works out of the Lodge to deliver the sessions at the health centre.

Cradley Heath Community Link

The project hopes to get young people (12-18 years of age) involved with painting, repairing and maintaining bikes with support from qualified and experienced bike mechanics. Young people will learn values such as teamwork, respect for others as well as boosting their self-esteem and confidence as they learn and apply new practical skills through working with each other on the bikes. Participants will be involved throughout the projects evolution and it is a medium-term aim for the project to set-up as a Community Cycling Club. Young people who may not be so academically minded to future career opportunities in manufacturing and engineering thereby contributing to the growth of the local economy and raising the skills of Sandwell residents.

Smethwick Pakistani Muslims Association (SPMA)

This project aims to increase awareness of healthy cooking by raising awareness of healthy eating & how to cook healthy. Participants attend weekly cooking classes and learn how to adopt healthy cooking and influence the cultural diet of the family & community. Participants  cook and eat the meals prepared and are given written recipes, method and benefits are highlighted.  Qualified Instructors are also available for exercise classes twice weekly for  Yoga and light circuit training.  This helps  participants to lose weight by a healthy diet and physical activity and by default improve mental well-being and social well-being.

Cape Community Care Day Centre

The project aims to develop and extend services to support the vulnerable within the local community facing severe challenges because of the increased cost of living. Support extended to 3.5 hours a day to 5 hours to combat social exclusion referring to safe-warm spaces as individuals are reluctant to go home. To avert isolation and loneliness which is having an increased negative impact on mental health & well-being . The extended day stimulative mental & physical activities to ensure beneficiaries receive stimulation twice a week which enables positive wellbeing. The project  also includes extended Befriending, Visiting & ‘Meals on Wheels’ Service for vulnerable elderly & ‘shut ins’, offering remote physical/mental disability sessions in suitable locations including home based.

Love compassion

The aim of the project is to deliver a course in mindfulness. The course is discussion based for people to share in a safe space how they are feeling, along with providing tools and techniques to reduce stress and feel more connected to others.  This course will be tailored to the cultural needs and sensitivity of the carers/parents and delivered by a person from the same background who is a qualified Mindfulness teacher and will allow them to learn new techniques to reduce stress levels and lower negative self-talk. This will take place at  Windmill Community Centre starting in January.

Sandwell Parents for Disabled Children (SPDC)

The Vision 2030 project aim is to  bring children with disabilities, their siblings (young carers) and parents and carers together.  SPDC aims to promote its activities, including the Family Club, as far and as wide as possible across the Borough of Sandwell to ensure equity of access to activities as well as producing regular newsletters which are distributed via email to  1000+ families. SPDC also promotes services to all the schools within Sandwell and a vast range of professionals including other voluntary sector organisations, partner organisations such as Barnardo’s, Sandwell Parents Voices United, Autism West Midlands and SLT, as well as statutory services including CAMHS.


Phase 2 – Round 3

 Ambitious Lives CIC

The grant funding will be used for the following projects:  Mentoring sessions – Group sessions and focus groups, Workshops – Multimedia production, creative writing/publications, podcasts, youth showcase – Music performances, storytelling/poetry, live shows – Engaging families and wider community, discussions around both youth and adult mental health, rebuilding parent/child relationships and identity issues. The project will take place at the Meta Plex in West Bromwich, Sandwell. The mentoring sessions and workshops will take place weekly for ages 11-24.

Community Milan Group

The Vision 2030 grant will be used to provide a safe space for members which will include cultural events and a trip. This is to help build confidence of interacting with others outside normal circles of friends or family. The knowledge gained from planning and preparation of these activities will hopefully encourage active participation in the group as volunteers and committee members. This will enable members to develop skills, increase their confidence in their own abilities and to create a group that is truly community-led.  There will be ongoing conversations with members at sessions to open to the broader community as part of the wider cultural events agenda and carry out. Other local community groups will be encouraged to get involved to help move forward to design and shape activities.

West Smethwick Enterprise

The aim of the project is to deliver healthy eating cooking workshops to local families who are vulnerable and in need. In the local community, mainly Smethwick, the cost-of-living crisis has affected everyone, especially with eating healthy and trying to be healthy & therefore we believe these sessions will help families to understand how to eat better and how to do so at a low cost, ensuring all the family are trying their best to be healthy. The sessions will be delivered within local settings and are also willing to deliver within other partnership organisations. The sessions will be delivered over 4/5 weeks and will allow families to cook healthy meals and learn more around being healthy and what ingredients are low cost as well as nutritionally beneficial.  Families will then be able to take the meals home for their families to enjoy.

Bearwood Community Hub CIC

This project will provide mental health and wellbeing support for staff and volunteers of the Bearwood Community Hub. This provision will be extended to provide the service to other local community organisations if they require it. It will begin with a trial monthly wellbeing check with all volunteers and staff. This will be half an hour provided by La Luz Life Coach and Wellbeing CIC. In addition, there will be available 30-minute listening service appointments for up to 8 volunteers or staff members a month. The service will involve vital welfare and wellbeing checks, this could be with and providing the listening ear service. This is currently run for members of the public, customers can book in for this service or be referred on from other organisations, such as the Dorothy Parke centre.


Yemeni Community Association in Sandwell (YCA)

The grant will enable YCA to setup a “Crafty Café” pilot project. This will take place once a week and the target audience will be cancer patients and their families, providing an opportunity for them to come together, socialize and engage in activities that improve their social and mental wellbeing. Activities will include various social gatherings, crafting, creative writing, physical activity, gardening, and lifestyle workshops. Craft Café will provide a variety of sessions which will allow users to participate with something that will align with their interests.


Jigsaw Events

The funding will be used towards a 6-week course (teaching time about 2 hours per week) to introduce members to healthy eating and cooking. This will be delivered by Sandwell Adult & Family Learning Service (SAFL) and we will be renting a kitchen space, situated in a community garden, from ‘Ideal for All’, another local user-led charity. At present, SAFL has only committed staff for 6 weeks. The venue size and the learning needs of our members mean we would only be able to accommodate 6 members on each course. We are hoping they will be able to extend this so we can offer the course to another 6 members to serve people living independently but without access to wider care and support networks.  All the activities are supported by volunteers who ‘join-in’ alongside members offering light touch support. There will also be other activities provided (SAFL).


Migrant Integration & Language Academy CIC (MILA)

The project will focus on building social connections, integration, and promotion of cultural diversity. It will be through working with Ukrainian refugees in Sandwell to support them with integration process. All activities will take place at the Langley primary school building in Oldbury. The coffee mornings will run on Saturdays from 9am till 11am and will focus on promotion of British values, building social connections, friendship groups and advice & guidance on life in UK. The main aim of these sessions will be to introduce the Ukrainian community to diverse British culture and support their inclusiveness within their local community. The cultural diversity event will bring all participants together and give an opportunity to share the cultures and celebrate diversity as well as building social connections. All proposed activities will instil British culture through dedicated sessions on topics like etiquette, holidays, food, and more.

Brasshouse Community Centre- North Smethwick Development Trust

The grant funding will be used for a weekly (practical sewing for well-being) class for people who struggle with loneliness and isolation because of loss or find it difficult to engage socially, due to low self-esteem or not having a friendship circle. The project will be driven by local people attending, they will choose the type of items and sewing activities they wish to include in the sessions. Hopefully people will benefit from the sharing of experiences; offering of support and having the confidence to talk and ask for help and support.  The sessions will be run weekly for 3 hours from the Brasshouse Community Centre. It is hoped that the items made will be used in a craft event to be hosted showcasing the said items. Items will also be used for good causes i.e., hospital bags, shopping bags for the food pantry.


Phase 2 (Round 2)

Make Good Arts

The grant will enable Make Good Arts run a series of arts workshops for families who are elective home educating, or otherwise not able to access school, in the Sandwell borough. It is aimed at children and families who are experiencing stress and anxiety, have neurodivergence, or have experienced mental health issues or bullying while in school. They intend to support newly arrived families who may not have a school place yet and would like a friendly place to meet other families. The aim is to create a safe, anxiety friendly environment for young people to learn, be creative and socialise together.

Brushstrokes Community Project (Father Hudson’s Care)

Brushstrokes will use the funding to establish a community allotment on a piece of unused land behind Smethwick Town Hall. This allotment will provide activity and sustainable volunteer opportunities throughout the year as we plan to make it a year-round hub for cultivating fresh vegetables and fruit to sustain our twice weekly food bank and our weekly community café, which provides a free hot meal for anybody who wants to come and share a hot meal with our thriving community. The community will be heavily involved in; the establishment of the allotment, the decision-making process as to what we should be growing, the planting and day to day maintenance of the allotment. It is hoped that this will help sustain the project through its initial two years and beyond.

Stanley’s Youth Club

This grant will enable SYC to further develop the work they have completed. To ignite interest after a period of being indoors for so long taster sessions were organised that members may not have tried before such as: basketball, badminton, football, dance, archery). Having seen the impact of this focus on physical activity for wellbeing, they would like to sustain the activities by continuing to lease the sports hall at Ormiston Forge. They also wish to explore with youngsters how art can be therapeutic, when feeling sad or stressed. Club volunteers and a resident artist will deliver the arts project. This will then give an additional option which the youngsters can access to support their wellbeing alongside the one linked to physical wellbeing.


The People’s Orchestra

The People’s Walking Choir (TPWC) is a mobile choir, led by a singing and fitness instructor, taking place in parks and public spaces across Sandwell. The choir is open to all ages and abilities, with provision for those with neurodivergence and SEN. The aim is to improve mental and physical health and develop local communities through,   Reducing isolation,  Getting people moving in the fresh air, Creating a sense of joy and community across Sandwell. The project will run in public spaces ranging from the centre to parks and other public spaces such as market squares. This will be a pilot project to learn whether the impact warrants a wider roll out, with evaluation and continuing conversations with local communities determining the future shape of the project.

The Monday Art Group

The aim of the group is to support each other with mental wellbeing using art and drawing activities. This group helps to build bridges and support people who would otherwise be on their own. It is envisaged with the success of the group that the grant will be utilised to further engage with others within their communities to address loneliness. The group will run on a Monday from 11.00-13.30 at the Tanhouse Community Centre in Great Barr and will be open for new member of the community to attend. The project will run throughout the year with members of the group taking it in turns to select art themes to work to. Outside artists will be invited to give instruction so we can as a group develop our skills. Peer learning and development of techniques will enable the group to achieve wellbeing through their art achievement. The impact hopefully being less isolation and improvement in mental health.

Tipton Town FC

The grant award will enable TTFC’s Man Vs Fat project to take place at Gospel Oak School (formally RSA academy) for two hour a week on the Astro pitches, coaches will take the session who are part of Tipton Town FC and focused participants will be adults that wish to achieve a healthier lifestyle in a Man V Fat activity to lose weight by playing football, the project is predominantly aimed at men with a BMI of 27.50 or over, and the aim is for participants to lose weight and get fitter, there will be an option for participants to weigh in before each game to track their progress, they will score points for weight loss and goals on the pitch, the focus is all around supporting participants to get fitter and improve their overall physical health contributing to their overall wellbeing. The project will consist of two 1-hour sessions a week to train and receive support for their Man Vs Fat challenge alongside any additional support they may need.

 The Dorothy Parkes Centre

The grant funding will be utilised to deliver a project called ‘Your Health Matters’ which will support people in losing weight, increasing levels of physical activity, and improving mental and social wellbeing. The free project will be delivered at the community centre in the heart of Smethwick, a diverse and deprived area, and will be open to members of the local community aged 16+. The project will engage with members of the community who want to embrace a healthy lifestyle, regardless of gender, ethnicity, sexuality, or religion. The project combines physical activity with information and advice regarding healthy lifestyles such as food and nutrition, cooking techniques, balanced diets and using home grown produce. Physical activity is based on activity which participants can replicate at home, in the garden, or in the park. The project encourages people to begin and maintain a healthy lifestyle, bring people out of their comfort zone, and break down barriers.

 Desi Diabetes Community CIC

Desi Diabetes has been created to help promote healthy living for South Asian communities with the aim to help reduce the prevalence of Diabetes and prevent the dangerous complications it could result lead to. The aim is to run diet and exercise classes in Sandwell hosted in Punjabi, where people from various cultures from these communities can come together to learn what Diabetes is, how to make their diet healthier as well as promote exercise. The funding will enable classes to continue as well as provide additional services and branch out to other venues in the area such as hosting health campaigns at community events as well as places of worship. By reaching out to people in the community the project to gain further insight into what barriers people face when it comes to leading a healthy lifestyle and provide them with support to reach their health goals.

Essex Avenue Community Tenants and Residents Association (EACTRA)

EACTRA will utilise the grant funding to deliver the following projects which will make a positive contribution to Sandwell being a place where everyone can live healthy lives: Coffee and Natter, will address community health and wellbeing, mitigating or reducing social isolation and improve Mental Health, Litter Picking will enable walking exercises and monitoring progress. The unique side of this will be, a cleaner environment, whilst getting exercise. Community Cohesion events, will bring community together, providing information, advice, and guidance in sessions regarding healthy living, whilst also inviting key Services and professions to participate in careers fairs as part of raising aspirations.

Round 12

Wednesbury Community Association – Wednesbury

This grant will allow WCA to continue the legacy of the Warm Zone by providing a friendly space with an optional activity for those that wish to take part. The events allow Members to make friends and build a network of support. Many who met at these events meet up to undertake social activities and support each other with Hospital and other appointments. These events are an opportunity for members to escape isolation and loneliness.

Hallam Street Community Project – West Bromwich

The grant will enable the established luncheon club to continue to bring people together to build strong relationships within the community, improve mental wellbeing as well as providing informal learning opportunities. For many members the weekly luncheon club is a real lifeline, as it gets them out of the house enabling them to make new friends and create new support networks with individuals experiencing the same concerns as themselves.

The Wesley Centre – Wednesbury

The Wesley Centre will be running a 20-week healthy lifestyle programme at the Wesley Centre to support people in Wednesbury with making healthy lifestyle changes, being more active and connect with each other. Participants will be charged a nominal price to commit to the classes. The exercise instructor is also a registered nutritionist and is qualified to deliver a 20-week healthy lifestyle programme, including – 15-minute weighing session – 45-minute exercise session – 30-minute lifestyle workshop and provide resources on how to progress and maintain lifestyle goals.

La Luz Life Coach and Wellbeing Services C.I.C – Oldbury

The grant will allow La Luz to deliver the following programme consisting of 5 one-hour sessions over a 5-week period. Each week will begin with a peer-support element, allowing participants to feel connected, understood and at ease. Sections of the 5 ways to wellbeing will then be discussed in-depth but in an easy-to-understand format. The remainder of the session, participants will engage in an activity that will introduce them to that particular ‘way to wellbeing’. At the end the participants will be signposted to local centres/hubs/facilities connected to that ‘way to wellbeing.

William Wilson Turner Foundation – Oldbury

The grant will enable the foundation to develop the community gardening project which involves planting, maintaining the garden through weeding and preparing the ground for sowing and harvesting. They will also further develop the Japanese Garden as an area where people can enjoy the greenery around them. They will be liaising with health professionals such as doctors and social prescribers from the local Medical Centre to offer the garden as a social activity. The project, known as ‘Grow It and Know It’ is based at Brandhall Road Allotments, Oldbury.

Magical MC CiC – Wednesbury

The project will support young people by empowering them to identify opportunities and maximise those opportunities.  Magical MC has developed a 16-week programme that helps young people improve their physical, social and mental wellbeing.  This is through organised sessions of 1hr 30 mins and includes 40 mins of physical exercise (non-contact boxing), 30 mins of life skills coaching linked to developing a healthy mind and 20 mins of social skills coaching which includes communication skills and impromptu speaking. The sessions will take place at various venues in Wednesbury.

Sandwell Advocacy – Tipton

The grant award will enable the continuation of an existing project rather than something new. Sandwell Together has provided a valuable point of contact, listening ear and a vital lifeline for those adults who feel isolated and alone. They have existing referral pathways into this service and referrals are received on a daily basis from a range of sources including: mental health agencies, GP surgeries, community navigators and social prescribers. The main aim of the service is to maintain a level of contact with those who require it. They provide emotional support and address issues people face as a result of becoming socially isolated such as loneliness, anxiety, depression and fear.

Crossroads Caring for Carers – Oldbury

The grant will enable Crossroads to start up a Day Club giving opportunities for individuals who receive care. The Day Club will run from 10.00 a.m. to 3.00 p.m. and be at different locations throughout the six towns of Sandwell and will be run weekly. Opportunities will include Care Support staff being on hand to support clients with any personal care needs, along with providing food, refreshments, and different activities, this may be knitting, a movie, talking therapy or other interactive activities, days out and much more that service users have identified as being of interest. The service will aim to reduce isolation for both the service user and the unpaid/family carer and offers quality time for both. The Cared person for and unpaid carers will have the opportunity to build better social connections with individuals who may be in a similar situation, or for the carer to take a break from their caring role.

Singh Sabha FC CIO – Oldbury

The Project is named – Bring a friend. It will enable club members to bring a friend to training sessions. Existing members will bring a friend, parent or guardian. This will encourage club participation and encourage self-confidence. The training session(s) will be for all ages consisting of gentle exercises to more physical activities. Users will be encouraged to discuss better lifestyles, physical and mental health activities. The club will be taking walks within the local park based in Smethwick and using the exercise machines where the designated coach will explain how to use the machines safely.

Girls Friendly Society (GFS) –Smethwick

The aim of the project is to increase well-being, raise aspirations and improve outcomes for older girls in Sandwell. GFS will work in areas of disadvantage, where deprivation and a lack of opportunities has left girls increasingly isolated, frustrated, and vulnerable. GFS will provide access to low-cost, non-competitive spaces where girls are supported to have fun, develop friendships, and build confidence, resilience, and self-esteem. Focus will be on personal growth rather than structured attainment. For a lot of girls’ school is a challenge, as is their home life.  At sessions, the girls will participate in fun, educational activities such as sports, crafts, acting, skills workshops, lifeskills sessions and much more.


The project hopes to promote healthy living and an active lifestyle in the Wednesbury area. The projects that will be delivered include; Eid Party and launch of ‘Keep Fit Wednesbury’ – this event will be held around Eid Al Adha. This event will give families an opportunity to get together and learn more and will encourage healthier eating  and provide information for children and families. The project will also include Keep fit women and girls Boxing as one of the biggest restrictions for local women and young girls is that they do not have access to female only fitness classes. A female coach will be able to help target the local South Asian and Muslim communities who otherwise would not have access to these fitness classes.

Special Olympics Sandwell – Rowley Regis

(Sports club for people with an Intellectual / Learning Disability in Sandwell)

The Sports club will use the grant to celebrate their 40th Anniversary with a Big Birthday Party, inviting past & present members- Athletes & Volunteers- plus potential new members. The party will take place  at Rowley Regis Disability Centre which is ideally suited with a large hall & disabled facilities. Activities will include:- • Entertainer / Magician/ Magic Card Tricks ( Award winning Ron Popple) • Table Games- cards, dominoes etc. • Fun party games • Hot Supper (delivered by Rowley Village Chippy) • Big Birthday Cake. • Soft Drinks. It is hope that these activities will help bring people together in inclusive fun games as part of the ‘family of Special Olympics’ which will be different to sports training sessions whilst still encouraging team work & turn taking.

The Friends of Brunswick Park – Wednesbury

The Friends of Brunswick Park aim to use the funding to host a weekly Parkrun, the nature of Parkrun is well understood and documented and runs currently occur in Sandwell Valley. Parkrun is the world’s biggest physical activity movement, and research was commissioned to quantify the health and wellbeing benefits of participating in the free, weekly, timed 5k events. The event will take place at Brunswick Park in Wednesbury.

CBO – West Bromwich

CBO will be using the grant to deliver a 26 week ‘Health Programme’. The programme will be concentrating on the skills that have identified from the 20-week pilot project successfully delivered for ‘Post Covid Health and Wellbeing’ in 2022-2023. The sessions will be promoting and supporting healthy living – and will include physical activity and mental health awareness and mindfulness sessions.

Smethwick Youth and Community Centre – Smethwick

SYCC will be running a healthy Lifestyles programme aimed at women in the 35-60 year old age bracket. This will include; Yoga on Tuesday’s 10:00-12:00 – Cooking Class on Tuesday’s 12:00-14:00 The yoga classes will take place at SYCC, where they will provide large rooms and open spaces to conduct yoga activities with the support of a fully trained Yoga instructor. The healthy cooking classes will take place at SYCC within a kitchen that will be able to accommodate the sessions. The target audience for these yoga sessions and healthy cooking classes will be women aged 35- 60. The service users in this age bracket that have requested this service are from South-Asian backgrounds. These being Sikh-Punjabi, Indian and Pakistani.

Sandwell Churches Link – West Bromwich

This funding would be used towards an ongoing programme in the 6 towns: • Assisting the 45 existing OND projects to maintain/strengthen community engagement through setting up Community Hubs and Church Action Networks, c/f Oldbury CAN and Brandhall Community Hub; • Extending the OND approach to 20 additional emerging communities/churches; • Building stronger more connected OND neighbourhood networks through monthly ‘Brunch’ events which bring together people (who might not otherwise meet) from different community groups, agencies and church leadership teams; • Creating at least 15 new Places of Welcome across Sandwell.

New Beginnings Community – Smethwick

New Beginnings Community have been running a stay and play group. The project is now looking to provide that stay and play as a free provision as it has been pointed out to us that, in the current climate any sort of nominal fee would be too much for so many of the parents in the community. This provision hopes to bring parents together in a safe and welcoming environment where the kids can play and learn to interact in a social setting and parents and other adults can have a tea or coffee and chat to other parents and volunteers about the difficulties and stresses of parenting during a pandemic. The group is run by local people for the local community. This funding would fund this work for a full academic year from September 2023.

The Dorothy Parkes Centre – Smethwick

Will host a free ‘Family Wellbeing’ event at the Dorothy Parkes Centre this will invite a range of local providers to run information stalls providing guidance and support on a wide range of subjects which impact on health and mental wellbeing. This includes cancer support, stop smoking/vaping, diabetes advice, health checks, weight loss, suicide awareness, bereavement, mental health, healthy eating (allotments), addiction advice, access to cycling. and safe and well at home support. They will have short displays from various fitness providers including general exercise, gentle exercise, karate, taekwondo, and dance. Healthy refreshments will be on sale, and any produce from the community allotment all this information will be available in one place and despite the seriousness of the subject, make it fun.

Cradley Town DC CIC

This pilot project will be delivered on two pitches to start with: at Barnford Park in Oldbury and Tividale FC respectively on Monday evening and Saturday before noon. Warming exercise, some football coaching and then 7 a side football session will be delivered once a week at the two facilities at the same time with football coaching involving their children. Level 2 football coaches and some volunteers will be allocated to this project as parents themselves requested to start undertaking physical activities during the time their children are on the pitch. This project will involve both men and women and will be run throughout the year to keep it going. As a pilot, this project will pave the way to extend this activity to other venues across the borough as the demand is high for the promotion of physical activities among adults.

Ileys Community Association – Smethwick

The project aims to get volunteers and staff to hold stalls at a sporting event where volunteers would encourage healthy eating by inviting local restaurant chefs to demonstrate their skills in cooking and preparing their traditional cuisine. There has been a lot of interest in holding a sporting event in the park and pairing it with a food tasting event where members of the neighbourhood can attend. With several members already starting their own start-up businesses in cakes, desserts, and flavoured beverages, the organisation is already in contact with and in talks with local food entrepreneurs. The concept of team sports, like football or cricket, with prizes will provide entertainment, involve those who are interested, and inspire others.

Beat It Percussion CIC – Rowley Regis

The grant will allow this group to bring regular, monthly Sound Relaxation sessions to the communities of Tipton and Rowley Regis. During a Sound Relaxation (or ‘Sound-bath’) participants experience a deep relaxation. Unlike yoga or meditation where one has to concentrate and learn special techniques, sound relaxation uses live sensory instruments like gongs and singing bowls whose sounds and vibrations relax people into a deeply relaxed state.  This provision supports well-being and good mental health directly through the physical and emotional benefits of relaxation, and indirectly by creating a safe space for people to find support and signposting.  They will provide sessions in Black Heath and Glebefields libraries, once a month at each venue.


Round 11

Fantastic Journeys CIC – Smethwick

Musical conversations is a music and communication project for children with Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties /or complex support needs and families. The project will take place on a bi-weekly basis and will take place at Windmill Community Centre in Smethwick. The learning sessions will include a hello song, time to explore sounds together with different instruments, multi-sensory exploration of a range of items and a goodbye song. Parents/carers and siblings will be encouraged to support their child/sibling with PMLD/complex support needs.

Warley Amateur Boxing Club – Oldbury

The grant will enable the club to purchase new flooring and gym equipment, which will be sourced from local businesses to help and support the local community to improve their health and wellbeing. Boxers in the gym range from ages of 9 up to adults in their 30s running across 2 classes 3 times a week, but the aim is to bring more children from the streets of Sandwell and Oldbury, to help tackle any anti-social behaviour and help the fight against knife crime.

 Sandwell Deaf Community Association (SDCA) – West Bromwich

The grant award will enable SDCA to hire a venue for activities to take place to support learning activities such as cooking skills and contribute towards events where there are deaf role models and reimburse volunteers for their travel expenses. The group often undertakes activities away from the venue such as bowling, theatre trips to deaf and/or accessible theatre, Deaffest (a fully accessible local art and film festival that incorporates Deaf culture, comedy and British Sign Language). SDCA Volunteers will also pick up and transport group members to venues to ensure their participation and safety.

Community Connect Foundation – Smethwick

The grant will be used to improve the quality of life of young people by improving their physical & mental wellbeing and social isolation by engaging them through experiencing Karate training and coaching. Young people will benefit by increasing participation in physical exercise, improve mental wellbeing sessions, increase their social capital, lower / reduce social isolation. It is hoped the project will give greater understanding of issues of growing up in an inner-city area, build independence and help develop self-confidence. Young people will be encouraged to engage in the youth development programme.

Bangladesh Islamic Association Smethwick (BIC) – Smethwick

The grant funding will allow 30 “Let’s Be Resilient” social gatherings in a safe warm environment with hot food and a platform to discuss difficulties and hardships faced by local communities. This platform will enable people to enjoy food from different cultures and will get people together around the table who would normally be isolated at home. 10 sessions will be for families, 10 sessions will engage men and 10 sessions will engage youngsters. The sessions will take place at the Bangladeshi Islamic Centre and will be accessible and open to all. Each of the social gathering sessions will enable individuals to fully relax and spend free time talking to others in the gathering.

Round 10

Dartmouth Cricket Club – West Bromwich

West Bromwich Dartmouth Cricket Club will be using the grant funding for Taster Sessions, coaching and match play and if tickets are available take participants to Edgbaston to see some of the Commonwealth Games matches. The project is targeted at women across Sandwell and West Bromwich in particular. The aim of the project is to increase the numbers of females playing cricket, to give them a lifelong interest in the game and to see some of the best players playing at the Commonwealth games.

Sandwell Asian Development Association – West Bromwich

SADA will be working with young people between 12-16 years of age, using the Commonwealth Games as a focus and motivation to spark interest to those who may never have never participated in any type of fitness activity. The sessions will include boxing training, fitness training and trips off site. Through the project they propose to help service users to improve their diets, by giving them advice on eating healthier.  The project will allow service users from low-income backgrounds who otherwise do not have the opportunity due to economic reasons, to become involved in fitness.

Cape Community Centre – Smethwick

CCC will deliver a Jubilee celebration event with the grant award.  Beneficiaries – Elders aged 70 – 97 will have an enriching experience of personal involvement, enjoyment & lasting memories of this event. Each beneficiary will each receive a jubilee novelty keepsake and once pictures are developed; they will each receive a copy of the photograph.

Wednesbury Older People Group – 

Wednesbury Older People Group will hold a celebration buffet for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. This will enable  elderly members (ranging from 55+) who are often lonely or socially isolated from within the local community together to build stronger social community connections, share memories to combat conditions like Dementia by getting them to reflect and most importantly of all create new support networks amongst their peers that they can access outside of our group.

Bangladesh Islamic Society – (BIC) Smethwick

BIC will be having a celebration party during the Queens Jubilee weekend. Residents of North Smethwick will be invited to celebrate this momentous occasion for the Country. There will be a tea party and food from different cultures including entertainment and activities for all to enjoy.

Kings Community Project – Oldbury

The funding will enable The Oak Tree centre to provide free activities for the community to enjoy in a safe and welcoming place. This will include a maker’s market which will be around 20 stalls for local businesses to showcase and sell their items to help make local businesses more sustainable. The event will showcase the services provided at the Oak Tree centre including, counselling services, adult education classes and the debt surgery. The event will have a Commonwealth theme displaying bunting, flags and celebrating life in Britain.

St Marks Church Tipton

Residents will be organising a Jubilee/commonwealth games themed family fun day for the surrounding community, which will be held in the Church Hall. They will decorate the Church Hall with bunting and union jacks to set the scene. There will also be craft activities such as, crown making, flag making (different countries of the commonwealth), commonwealth torches, which can be taken home and used at other celebrations that people may attend.

Sandwell Special Olympics – Locations boroughwide

To celebrate the Commonwealth games boroughwide Sandwell Special Olympics will promote & deliver sports which are both Special Olympics Sports and Commonwealth Games Sports. The Legacy will be that these sporting opportunities will be strengthened offering further activities to local people as a direct result of the Commonwealth Games, acting now whilst the enthusiasm is still present, and demand is still high.

Time Step Dance – Tipton

Time Step Dance will be hosting a garden party picnic for all local families from all the different locations across the borough bringing people together in the same way as the commonwealth brings people together. The event will be at the Coneygre centre, a DJ and refreshments will be provided. Everyone will be encouraged to bring their own picnic to eat. It will be a bit like a Jubilee Street party but in the park.

Time Step Dance – Project 2

The aim of the grant is to run a community dance competition through the dance school and for other dance groups in the local area. The competition will promote the competitive side of the commonwealth games which brings people from all over the world together to compete against each other. The commonwealth aspect will be accommodated through the schools and groups coming together at one event. All participating children will get a medal for participation.

Open Heaven Church – Wednesbury

The Church will hold two events with the grant award to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. The first will be held at the Price Road site and will include food, entertainment such as a bouncy assault course, jubilee and commonwealth crafts, karaoke and face painting. The second will be held at the Crankhall Lane site again including food and entertainment and an afternoon tea with quizzes, music and singing. The project will enable the commonwealth games to leave a legacy and to also increase community cohesion and intergenerational connectivity.

Langley Festival Group – Oldbury

Langley Festival Group will be holding a celebration event for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. This activity will be taking place in Langley Park. Bringing local businesses and residents together and promoting local services. The event will enable local people/groups into having a Patriotic Fancy Dress Parade, tabletop sales and various craft stalls. It’s an opportunity to bring everyone together in the local community.

Awesome Dance & Performing Arts

The Grant will help build and expand the dance and drama club and build a sense of team and camaraderie for the group. The aim of awesome is to provide a welcoming group that encourages children and young people to shine. They work with young people to learn dance and acting skills and in the process help to build their self-confidence and self-esteem.  They aim to link into the theme of commonwealth by bringing people together from all walks of life for a common goal.

Sandwell African Caribbean Mental Health Foundation (SACMHF) – West Bromwich

SACMHF will  host an event at a local park within Sandwell. The ‘Fun in the Park’ event will encourage people within the community to celebrate and create memories of the Commonwealth Games coming to Birmingham. It will take place over the Summer of 2022   encouraging people and their families to visit the beautiful parks within the Borough and take part in gentle spirited activities (cricket, rounders, walking) that include light refreshments and an awards ceremony. Activities are light to encourage all people with mobility and age-related issues to take part.

Warley ABC – Smethwick

Warley (Amateur Boxing Club) will be holding an event to open their amazing facilities to the general public to hopefully inspire the next generation of champions and with the Commonwealth Games fast approaching they believe now would be a great time to introduce new, enthusiastic sports men and women to the amazing sport of boxing. They benefit from a well presented and friendly club house which has changing rooms and shower facilities, ideal for any commonwealth teams to use. Local groups will also benefit by promoting health and fitness to their members and centre users. They will be working with fully trained and highly experienced coaches who have been influential to many young aspiring young men and women.

Charlemont Community Centre Association – West Bromwich

Charlemont Community Association will be holding a fun day (fundraiser) to get the local community together and to celebrate the Commonwealth Games. The activities will be at Charlemont Community Centre, including a Picnic in the park for the local community to bring food and drinks together to socialise and have fun.  They will also be having a Sports day, hosting various sports activities such as football, table tennis and archery. The Community Centre is located within a large community of children and families who enjoy coming together and socialising and networking.

Network West Brom – West Bromwich 

Network West Brom will use the grant award to hold a Community Sports Day, which is a mini version of the Commonwealth Games.  Activities will be for all ages, including a football tournament and mini sports for young children. In addition to this they will host World Food Stalls for people to try cultural food and provide World Music throughout the day and have cultural stalls with information points giving insights into the different cultures, particularly the ones represented in Sandwell.

Golden Opportunities – Tipton

Golden Opportunities will be holding a garden party to celebrate the commonwealth games. This will include buffet type Food/Fresh Fruit and Drink, fun games and children’s activities. It will be held in the grounds surrounding the Estate Office on the Boscobel Estate, Tipton.  There are 2 themes for the event the first being local sports men and women who have won at the games previously, such as Tessa Sanderson from Wolverhampton, Denise Lewise from West Bromwich and Ellie Simmons the para swimmer from Walsall. The second theme will be local heroes such as Dave Heeley (from West Brom) Haseebah Abdullah (from Smethwick).

Dorothy Parkes Centre – Smethwick

The Dorothy Parkes Centre will use the grant to host a summer fayre and will have the Commonwealth as its theme. It will be the first Summer Fayre since 2019. The Summer Fayre will be delivered in partnership with Smethwick Old Church and take place at the Dorothy Parkes Centre in Smethwick. It will be taking place just a few days before the Commonwealth games begins. The Centre will be dressed up in the flags of the commonwealth and Asian, Caribbean and British food will be served.






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Round 9

Old Hill Boxing Club

Old Hill Boxing Club will use their funding to develop a new boxing training and coaching session for local young people on Sunday mornings. The sessions will take place at Cradley Heath Community Centre which has excellent transport links and car parking making it accessible for all. All sessions are led by experienced and qualified coaches and are designed around the needs of the participants, session will specifically be for young people new to boxing who want to learn the basic techniques and training methods and  led by experienced and qualified coaches and are designed around the needs of the participants, so this session will specifically be for young people new to boxing who want to learn the basic techniques and training methods which will help them learn values such as discipline and respect for each other and themselves, improve their confidence and self-esteem while getting physically fitter and enhancing their emotional wellbeing.

Bearwood Hub CIC

Bearwood CIC will utilise the funding to develop The Listening Ear project taking place at Bearwood Community Hub, the project is a mental wellbeing service pilot which has been developed and trialed by a local professional who volunteers their time.  The activity will take place Tuesday and Thursday mornings each week for four months. The activity aims to bridge the gap for those who are seeking psychological help but not receiving it, as well as being available to anyone who is just wanting to be heard, without the need or desire for psychological interventions.

Life in Community

Life in Community will use their funding to add new dimensions to their existing provision in Tipton. The funding will support the project to allow them to work alongside young people to ensure there isn’t a gap in their learning particularly during the transitional period of accessing a school place. It will also aid their work with parents/individuals accessing their existing Job Club. The accreditation centre will enable Life in Community to provide access to at least a Level 1 qualification, giving young people and adults the confidence to progress back into secondary education or college more smoothly. The sessions will be simple and informal, based upon learner need, linking their learning to the national curriculum and the government’s agenda surrounding upskilling individuals with low educational achievement to progress to a Level 2.

Shree Krishna Mandir

VISAMO provide a real opportunity to interact with other elders who are going through the same emotions as them and share coping techniques to tackle loneliness, low mood and self-esteem. To enable the group to connect with extremely vulnerable and isolated members in the community they will use the funding to install an accessible ramp to enable less mobile and disabled members access to their group and activities. This small improvement aims to encourage more of the community to attend the weekly social and fitness sessions helping to keep them physically and mentally fit via positive interactions that stimulate them helping to prevent conditions such as Dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Fantastic Journeys

Fantastic Journeys will use the funding to facilitate a 12 week arts project for children aged 5-15 with Additional Needs and their siblings. Each session will be 1.5 hours and will take place at Bearwood Community Hub. Sessions will include; a physical warm up activity; musical games to develop percussion and singing skills; interactive storytelling to generate ideas for the performance; a range of dance activities to develop dance skills; a warm down with gentle music.  The children will be supported to develop and make decisions about what they want to learn and how to develop their performance skills.

Friends of Goldicroft Park

Friends of Goldicroft Park with support from partners are working hard to make the park located in a residential area in Wednesbury a place where the community feel safe to play informally or participate in sports such as football, walk their dogs and be generally be a meeting point for more social activities that build a stronger more connected community. With support from their Vision 2030 Micro Grant their project will bring a new lease of life to the park with football equipment, bird and bat boxes to create a shared space that encourages nature and people to coincide together. The group will work wit local school to build and install the boxes whilst teaching participants about the natural environment to encourage them to appreciate local parks. Alongside this the group will develop a 12 months’ timetable of community activities such as fun days, community sports events, planting and maintaining shrubs and trees, community picnics and exercise or walking groups. All activities seek to encourage residents regardless of their age to use our park in ways that help them to be physically active and supports their wellbeing.

Vibes ‘n Shine

Vibes ‘n Shine is a youth club in the Cradley Heath area, incorporating music and cooking as the focus to engage with the young people . Vibes ‘n Shine will utulise their Vision 2030 Micro Grant to provide an opportunity for both existing members and local residents to join an outing with long term aspirations to involve them in the youth provision or toddler group and community focused activity. The activity will enhance and support community spirit and connect local residents particularly those who may be experiencing loneliness and isolation which has heightened through the COVID19 Pandemic

Friends of Thimblemill

Singh Sabha


TimeStep Dance


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Round 8

Cradley Heath Community Link

Cradley Heath CL will utilise the funding to support a youth repair cycle scheme based in Cradley Heath, to encourage young people (12-18 years of age) involved with painting, repairing and maintaining bikes with support from qualified and experienced bike mechanics. The young people will learn values such as working as a team, respect for others as well as boosting their self-esteem and confidence as they learn and apply new practical skills through working with each other on the bikes. Sessions would take place at least once a week on early evenings and weekends initially at Haden Hill House and Park and would involve the young people working on bikes with experienced and qualified bike mechanics from Cycle UK’s Dr Bike scheme.

Dorothy Parkes

New Beginnings

4Community Trust

Lion Farm Action Centre

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Round 7

Changing our Lives 

Using their Vision 2030 Main Grants fund Changing our Lives will community connect with Sandwell residents with learning disabilities and/or autism via video conferencing with friends, family and wider social circle. Following successful facilitated community connecting via face-to-face contact during the COVID19 lockdown they started using digital technology to community connect individuals.  To support the project Changing our Lives will purchase Tablets and WiFi dongles to enable vulnerable community members to access virtual activity. They will run a series of events where Sandwell residents can get together, organise their own events and connect with existing friends with the opportunity to make new friends. They will work with each individual and family to set up the device to ensure the project is accessible.


Following their recent successful Seeing in Isolation, encouraged members of Sandwell Visually Impaired to join the BLAST! Creative Network. While visually impaired people are now core to the network, their ambition is that D/deaf and neurodivergent people will also benefit from it. They will use their Vision 2030 Main Grants Funding from SCVO to make their programme fully accessible over the next two years. The grant enables them to enlist a BSL interpreter for sessions, offer a paid role to a member to edit session transcriptions and organise 4 accessible in-person events.

Old Cross Bowling Club

Old Cross Bowling Club based in Oldbury will utilise their Vision 2030 Main Grants funding to attract more local members to join and connect with Crown Green Bowls to sustain the continued existence of the Club, founded in 1908 and operated continuously for over 100 years. They currently have several members over 80 who play every week and who come together to socialise, improve their health and wellbeing as well as meeting likeminded people in the community. The game of Bowls is a low impact exercise which can improve fitness, coordination and confidence, It is played for the challenge and competition which provides personal enjoyment alongside being active. It also provides the pleasure of spending time outdoors and for social interaction, which we know from conversations with our members, is more important than ever given the restrictions during the COVID 19 Pandemic.

Sandwell Advocacy

Sandwell Advocacy will use their Vision 2030 Main Grants funding to drive their Sandwell Together, Telephone Befriending Service to continue their service through the Winter months to support the most vulnerable and isolated residents in the borough. The befriending service will continue to stay in contact with existing members and also reach out to new residents in need of support, advice and conversation. The funding will allow the service to continue until March 2022 to support the ongoing concerns around the pandemic, and to continue to offer a lifeline to Sandwell residents.

The Gap Centre

The Gap Centre will utilise their successful Vision 2030 Main Grants funding to grow and drive their existing support group over the coming months and years, and start more interested focused sessions on additional days. The recent pandemic has highlighted that many people in the community are feeling isolated and individuals are voicing their concerns highlighting a decline on their overall mental health and wellbeing. This has seen an increase in the numbers of attendees to the group and an increase in the online membership too. The group meet on a weekly basis, every Sunday 4.30pm -6pm at the charity’s venue in Hargate Lane , West Bromwich.

Cradley Heath Creative

Cradley Health Creative will use their successful Vision 2030 Micro Grant Funding to deliver a one off Art Festival event at the Hollybush Arts venue in Cradley Heath. The community focused event will host free workshops, exhibitions and performances for the public to enjoy. The event will invite the local community to join the event and enjoy the activities and exhibitions on display.

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Round 6


BUDS (Better Understanding of Dementia for Sandwell) aims to improve the quality of life of people experiencing Dementia and their families and carers in Sandwell. They will use the funding to continue developing the Telephone Befriending Service initially set up at the start of the COVID-19 Pandemic in 2020. The service is open to people living with dementia and their carers living in Sandwell. New and existing participants will receive a weekly phone call for up to an hour to chat and seek advice and information. The phone call will also serves as respite for the carer as we encourage them to go into a different room with a cup of tea whilst a conversation takes place with the person with dementia with the aim to tackle isolation and loneliness.

Bangladeshi Islamic Centre

The Bangladeshi Islamic Centre (BIC) is a community led, independent charitable organisation, committed to the alleviation of disadvantage, inequality and deprivation through a targeted range of services to the communities of Sandwell and with a particular focus upon the Bangladeshi community. BIC will use their funding to deliver activities to boost the loss of much needed socialisation, confidence, learning and development during the Pandemic of Young People and children. They will deliver education support sessions in Maths and English, recreational activities in a safe environment such as pool, table tennis and PlayStation games offering young people the opportunity to build new social circles, increase their confidence to engage with local opportunities and reduce feelings of loneliness and isolation.

SOHO Albion

Soho Albion FC brings young people and their families from Soho Ward together with West Bromwich Albion FC to create pathways of opportunity in football, develop resilience in life & build a deeper sense of local community. They will use the funding to undertake a coaching project aimed at the youth and young adults in the community. This coaching project will allow the youth/young adults to participate in football related activities led by qualified coaches. These activities will encompass teamwork, individual skills, and adaptation of interpersonal skills from the youth/young adults, development of these skills will allow them to take it into the real world and make a difference. The coaching project will be held at Hadley Stadium, Smethwick.

Stanley Youth Group

Stanley’s youth club opened in Rowley Regis 4 years ago, they meet on Tuesday evenings in  Knowle Church, Dudley Road. Using the funding the group will engage with previous members and reach out further into the community. Additional funding would enable the group to relaunch the club with a range of activities and experiences, to support mental health and wellbeing. This will aim to impact positively on loneliness/social isolation, build social connections and promote and support healthy living.

Sandwell Steelers

The Sandwell Steelers, are a non-profit, American Football organisation based in Sandwell founded in 2013. Using the funding they will continue this pathway for young people and to create a Youth team of 18 minimum signed-up and kitted-up for the coming 2021 and 2022 seasons. They recognise the pandemic has had a detrimental impact on young people’s mental health and wellbeing with the lack of contact with their peers and limited contact with services and access to activities and their activity will offer the opportunity for young people to come together to connect with others as a team and get involved in the physical activity of American Football.

Sporting Your Futures

Sporting Your Futures is a community interest company (formally registered in 2018) that breaks barriers, navigates change and strives for a better future for children and young people from Birmingham, Sandwell and Dudley.  They will use the funding to deliver youth activities to young people in Cradley Heath, using the Community hub and Bearmore Park. They will use the power of sport to allow young people to get out express themselves in an open safe space. After consulting with a young people steering group some of the activities they will facilitate are boxing, table tennis, table football, tennis, cricket, rounder’s and dodgeball.

The Albion Foundation

The Albion Foundation wish utilise the SCVO small grants to build on delivery to encourage new participants to become a part of the Hawthorns Hub project. The project aims to reduce social isolation and build self-confidence with its participants by harnessing the power of the football clubs brand and facilities. The project targets adults whom can self-refer or be referred from other agencies. Currently, the participant’s demographics include a fair split with male and females, with majority over the age of 50 (however not exclusive to). The Hawthorns Hub has been connecting people together since the beginning of 2019. This has fortunately been continued throughout the COVID-19 pandemic via online interactions whereby ‘Albion Memories’ and Hawthorns Hub have joined forces to elevate connectivity through such troubling times, particularly for many of our participants whom have been shielding and / or have lost significant confidence with leaving their homes. The Hawthorns Hub will deliver 36 weeks, 252 hours of face to face content for our participants, from August 2021 to May 2022. This will include; x2 90mins sessions per week online and x1 240mins per week at The Hawthorns Stadium, home to West Bromwich Albion Football Club.

Black Country Food Bank

BCFB currently provides food and toiletry parcels for those in need which provides a breathing space in a time of crisis. Their aim is to breathe life into the food parcel by using the ambient goods to create healthy and nutritious options in a way that enables and equips people with life skills and provides a healthy meal to individuals in need in Rowley Regis. Using the funding BCFB will be offering a bag of food together with a recipe card that when combined creates a delicious healthy meal. The recipe care will include a QR Code linking to a video recording of the recipe being cooked step-by-step. They will co-produce these recipes working with local residents and parents, a local chef from the Black Country, volunteers, schools and other stakeholders. The initiative focuses on creating family-friendly healthy nutritional options which reflect the cultural diversity of our local communities.

Smethwick Youth & Community Centre

The Smethwick Youth & Community Centre (SYCC) is a multi-agency and cross sector resource centre based in the heart of Smethwick. Using the funding SYCC will reintroduce football activities for young people across Smethwick held at West Smethwick Park and Harry Mitchell Leisure centre. Their football sessions will be carried out on a weekly basis for a 2 hour duration with 2 sessions per week for a period of 6 months. Alongside this they will facilitate a Youth Club by opening up their youth area, equipped with games consoles, table tennis, pool and foosball. This youth club activity will take place at SYCC.

Sandwell Asian Development Association

Sandwell Asian Development Association help stop young people from engaging in crime and antisocial behaviour. Using the funding SADA will facilitate a Boxing Programme for young people aged between 14-18 years of
age. This will include 2 training sessions per week facilitating non contact boxing sessions, this will include circuit training, conditioning training, bagwork, padwork and general boxing training.  The sessions will take place on a Monday and Wednesday, the sessions will take place at alpine gymnasium, Unit F Sams Lane industrial estate, Sams Lane, West Bromwich, West Midlands, B70 7EG.

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Round 5

Lady of Lourdes

The group offers food to refugees and local people in need. Many of thei clients have a limited command of English and assistance is offered regarding doctors, schools, nursery accommodation and legal advice. They have provided ESL lessons, , helped with access to benefits and planned routes, by foot or bus to required offices. The funding will enable Lady of Lourdes to purchase equipment to allow them to improve and continue the support they offer. It will widen the scope of advice offered and allow printed information to be given to clients and enable better records to be kept of attendees.

Wednesbury Rugby Club

The Rugby club  will deliver an activity group for local children 18 months to under 6 years old, based on rugby and rugby’s Core Values – Teamwork, Respect, Enjoyment, Discipline and Sportsmanship, that delivers enjoyable, inclusive sessions in a safe and welcoming environment. It will give families a sense of belonging, they will take pride in their development, they will become instruments ensuring equality. The project will provide the healthy start from a young age in a safe environment where respect for all is demonstrated in continuing positive examples. Young leaders and parents will gain and enhance their people skills and grow their leadership skills which will be a transferable skill in any job or opportunity.

Beat it Percussion

Beat It Percussion delivers interactive music-making sessions in the Sandwell community, with a focus on supporting people living with mental health support needs. Their Vision 2030 funded project will deliver adapted versions of their interventions through Zoom video conferencing offering a variety of sessions including sound relaxation sessions remotely. The sessions offer to support people’s mental health through enabling deep relaxation, and respite from everyday anxieties and often an easing of physical symptoms relating to anxiety like muscle pain and tension. The sessions will include a peer support chat facility to encourage a sense of inclusion and community.


Skills Work and Enterprise Development Agency (SWEDA) offer advice, guidance, training and mentoring to unemployed clients over the age of 16 looking to access further training or education, employment or self-employment opportunities. SWEDA will use the funding to support Sandwell clients who are currently digitally excluded by providing digital equipment and training giving them access to digital/online content and opportunities for further training. The project will bridge the digital divide for these clients by creating a loan scheme of tablets, laptops and internet dongles as well as the support and training to improve digital skills and awareness. As well as tackling the digital divide, the project will also actively engage as many clients as possible via online coffee mornings and bite size activities to reduce isolation during the current pandemic.

Sandwell Third Aged Arts

STAA is a charity providing access to the arts to improve people’s health and well-being. We’ve been delivering positive arts experiences to enrich peoples’ lives since 1996. We work with people from all walks of life. They specialise in supporting carers, older people with mental health needs and people with dementia. They will use the funding to produce and distribute art activity packs containing craft materials and instruction sheets to households across Sandwell to encourage and uptake in creative, fun and stress-relieving activities.
The project will take place across the borough of Sandwell. Their client group include unpaid carers, people who have been bereaved, older people, people with mental health needs including dementia, frail elders and people with disabilities or health problems who are shielding and people on low incomes. 

Time Step Dance

Time Step Dance, a performing arts school in Sandwell will use the funding to facilitate a music and singing group  based in Tipton where children learn the basics of music and perform together in a mini orchestra/band. This would be similar to the old-style school music lessons  to inspire the children to achieve by making the sessions fun and provide a safe, welcoming space for youngsters where they can relax as we recover from the pandemic.

WMA Community Fitness

WMA is a all inclusive Community Centre based in Tipton focusing on boosting the physical, mental, and social health of everyone in the local area. They will use their funding to support SEND children in Tipton and many families were struggling to find support and activities that they would feel comfortable attending. In April they will facilitate SEN sensory play time at the centre which will give SEN children a welcoming environment where they can enjoy socialising, meeting new friends and learning how to do simple skills such as balancing, learning gross and fine motor skills as well as being a space where they can relax and enjoy sensory stimulation to the level they require


Brushstrokes is a unique project offering a support and advice service to the most marginalised communities living in Sandwell, primarily asylum seekers, refugees. They will use the funding to tackle isolation and loneliness through offering holistic support, befriending and reassurance on the phone, on the doorstep, online and in emergencies face to face. They will identify issues that put them at risk of crisis, providing the support to deal with these whilst helping people to understand government guidelines and stay safe and well. As part of this project, there will also be an offer of support for people to build their IT and language skills to help them connect with services and the wider community online.

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Round 4

Warley Woods Community Trust

WWCT will use the funding to work in partnership with Bearwood CC  to find ways to help neighbours across Bearwood connect, to help people organise street level activities if they want, and essentially also to find those isolated people who aren’t on social media and able to participate online.

Dartmouth Cricket Club

Dartmouth Cricket Club will be running a weekly programme of cricket themed sessions and activities for youngsters that will allow them to learn and grow in to the game at a location that they can call ‘home’. The scheme will allow youngsters, their families and the wider community to connect with other people, be physically active, learn new skills and pay attention to the present moment.

The Dorothy Parkes Centre

The centre will be delivering six floristry courses for members of the Smethwick and wider community. The courses will be delivered in the Covid-19 secure hall at the Dorothy Parkes Centre and will take place during daytime and evenings. A trained facilitator will deliver six courses which will consist of four, one hour sessions, and will take four weeks each to complete. The therapeutic effects promote relaxation and evidence suggests it can also have a positive impact on medical conditions such as high blood pressure and boosting the immune systems. Floristry is an expensive skill to train in and isn’t provided by many facilities, making it inaccessible to local communities. Sessions are delivered with the aim of improving social skills and giving students something to look forward to.


A series of six 1-hour group workshops online using the Zoom (Video-Conferencing platform) with focus groups of young people who have been identified as underachieving in their education and/or who are battling with mental health difficulties. Sessions will involve icebreakers, character/personal development games/activities interactive, educational discussions and true stories from mentors who have agreed to share their experiences to empower and inspire young people to fulfil their potential. The programme will be ran in alignment with their brand new project ‘COME ON THEN!!!’ Campaign which is a martial approach to tackling mental health difficulties by applying the principles of self-defence to psychological warfare. The campaign is designed to empower and prepare the nation’s minds for the forthcoming months of the COVID-19 pandemic

Bangladeshi Women’s Association

Peace Garden Project aims to create new space to connect communities by providing outdoor activities at an allotment site giving residents some much needed breathing space in the fresh air. Due to the lockdown and the social distancing measurers, activities traditionally held across community centres are now restricted and in many cases closed thus causing increased isolation of people and communities. The Peace Garden proposes to be an ideal solution and a platform for Tipton residents to fill this void. It will provide an opportunity for residents to get involved and develop a sense of community as well as getting residents involved in soft exercises; learn to eat healthily, help the environment; keep active; and develop intergeneration connections.

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Round 3

New Baby Network

New Baby Network is a support group to support pregnant woman in Sandwell through the transition into parenthood. The funding will support a facilitated fourth trimester digital support group, to provide parent centred, evidence based information to empower families. Starting with a physical perinatal planner with accompanying antenatal sessions to complete, followed by a postnatal topic based, facilitated support group with opportunities to learn and build a social network. This will be a volunteer led structured support group, to help parents make the right decisions for them and their children by providing them with relevant and accurate information to  help them feel less isolated and more connected with other people in their community.


Sandwell Parents for Disabled children is a voluntary organisation and was founded in 2003 by parents and carers of disabled children and provides holistic services for families with disabled children across Sandwell. The funding will be used to provide opportunities for disabled children and their families in Sandwell to participate in fun and exciting activities and challenges. Activity packs will be distributed based on individual needs and will include crafts, sensory activities and physical challenges. SPDC will also offer digital support including videos and online communication for young people to stay connected.

St Albans

St Albans provide access to inclusive and supportive services to the local Community. The funding will allow St Albans to continue to reach those in the community isolated and in need of extra support due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The funding will ensure staff are available to support people with activity packs and resources to stay connected and have access to digital platforms.


Sandwell Deaf Community Association is a charity led by deaf people and one that delivers specialist services across Sandwell/Black Country to deaf, deafened, hard of hearing people and people with a dual sensory loss. The funding will support them to continue provision on a remote basis and enable them to purchase extra IT equipment. This will provide the very isolated deaf community with the opportunity to join online BSL chat sessions to help combat the loneliness currently being experienced.

Tipton Litterwatch

Tipton Litter Watch was formed by local residents in 1997 to campaign against litter and put pressure on the local authority to take action to tackle it. The group has evolved over time moving from a campaigning organisation to one that takes direct action to reduce litter. The funding will support a project to support the litter hotspots across the borough – Adopt a Street will see residents work together to take pride in their neighborhoods to prevent litter and fly tipping. PPE and litter picking kits will be available.

Sandwell Advocacy

Sandwell Advocacy provides independent advocacy across the borough, promoting rights, voice and empowerment. The funding will allow Sandwell Advocacy to develop their current services to enable people to engage digitally which will provide a more accessible and friendly face to face encounter and reduce digital exclusion faced by those who don’t have an internet connection or the means to access it. The main aim of the service will be to maintain a level of contact with those who require it and provide emotional support and address issues people face as a result of becoming socially isolated such as loneliness, anxiety, depression, fear by allowing people to talk about their feelings thereby reducing the impact of isolation and loneliness.

Kings Community Church

Kings Community Church is located in Oldbury which facilitates a youth group. The funding will equip Kings Community Church with the resources to give young people in the community access to activity packs, challenges and hampers, journals and self sooth boxes. Supporting the local youths to navigate their way through the lifting of lockdown with further support on Zoom and Social media platforms.


Multicare, Sandwell provide home based respite care for families who care at home for people with severe learning disabilities. The funding will enable Multicare to deliver services remotely ensuring there are no delays to the services they offer. This will include ensuring staff have the technology and equipment needed to work efficiently and safely.


The Support Centre, based in and delivering services to the community of West Bromwich, operates four days a week from the Church premises. The funding will support them to resume services with increased capacity and to purchase equipment to support in creating a safe environment for our staff and our clients, enabling them to access essential services to meet the anticipated demand for our services as a result of the long period of closure and impact of the pandemic upon individuals in the community.

West Smethwick Enterprise

West Smethwick Enterprise is a charity based in Smethwick, Sandwell and was established in 1984 to serve the local community who work with people from all backgrounds facing a range of
disadvantages. The funding will support the organisation to access to technology to enable staff to meet the full needs of the families within the community allowing them access to the internet, phones and meeting resources (zoom) and printing facilities to provide home learning and resources.

Cape Community Day Centre

Day care services for the elderly which provides freshly prepared meals, crafts and gentle exercise for the elderly and vulnerable. The funding will allow the opportunity for door step exercises to re-introduce & stimulate physical activity with basic home exercises resources. Tablets will be provided to access exercise, social activities – beneficiaries/community members can loan the digital software to address social isolation, loneliness, interact & meet friends & also utilise platforms such as Zoom for community members or active beneficiaries alongside volunteers support and re-introduce exercise sessions, build in activities such as ‘Afternoon Tea’ & other important health awareness virtual talks. When the Centre re-opens, use the Digital software to develop training, book online appointments, meet friends independently and source information on personal ailments & education.


Brasshouse opened in 2014 and offers a greater range of services/activities for local communities – ranging from  a holiday club for children through to professional theatre productions bringing arts into the heart of our community. The funding will support a 2 part project offering a bike loan scheme to key workers in the local community who want to use a bike to commute to increase their physical activity levels and contribute to a reduction in polluting emissions in their local area. Bikes will be distributed through the facilities of the participating community centres (Brasshouse Community Centre, Ileys, Dorothy Parkes Centre) The second part of the project offers loan recipients the opportunity to train as Ride Activators with British Cycling and will be supported to expand the programme, with the potential for a volunteer group to offer learn-to-ride sessions, led rides and bike maintenance opportunities,
To support the long term viability of the loan scheme and keep the bikes operational at minimal ongoing cost, the project will provide basic bicycle maintenance training for local young people in collaboration with WMP and the Youth Service. Participants in the maintenance project will refurbish a bike which they will be allowed to keep at the end of the project.

Open Heaven Church

The mission for Open Heaven church is to reach out to all people of all ages and backgrounds. The funding will allow the church to be compliant with Covid requirements and allow Open Heaven to reopen their building and start to offer some of the activities but with social distancing and changes in place. The funding will also support additional zoom licenses and editing software to continue working with young people, families and older people to keep connected, offer support for those experiencing stress and depression.


Inclusive PLAYdays works with children with additional needs and their families. A model has been created in response to the current COVID-19 pandemic, replacing in-person cross-artform sessions in recent months with fun, inclusive music and movement sessions delivered live over Zoom by specialist SEN local artists from their homes, as part of their PlayAtHome programme. The sessions are recorded so that families not able to watch them live can catch up with them at their own convenience. Funding will offer participants greater engagement and respond even more specifically to their individual needs, through one-to-one sessions. Whilst Zoom does enable live interaction, it creates some barriers to engagement, as some families have reported, particularly for children with additional needs, Mothership will work with parents to develop individual interaction responding to the needs of their children most appropriately and effectively to overcome these barriers.

Friends of Tividale Park

Friends of Tividale Park work to improve our local park in various ways, including fund-raising for new equipment, volunteering, and supporting events. Their aim is to get residents actively involved in developing our park with a view of creating a real hive of community activity to support health and wellbeing by encouraging use of the park. Funding will support Tividale Fitness Army (TFA) to purchase equipment and engage with people of all ages and gender to come together and socialise, with the added benefits of getting fit, by walking or running and also using the park’s gym area and other fitness equipment provided by the TFA. A free initiative where all will be welcome.

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Round 2 

Life in Community CIC

Their project will create a Lifeline Listening Service delivering telephone/video call sessions for Sandwell residents and delivering a range of well-being sessions providing individuals with the opportunity to engage in therapeutic and creative activities to tackle loneliness and isolation across the borough.


Brushstrokes is a unique project offering a support and advice service to the most marginalised communities living in Sandwell, primarily asylum seekers, refugees. To enable delivery to continue Brushstrokes will purchase tablets to loan out for those most vulnerable in the community. They will offer English classes, information and support about how to stay well during the pandemic as well as the facility to offer online face to face support and a befriending service to those who have no-one else to turn to. The tablets will also be used for training the community to help develop their skills and increase their sense of inclusion.

The Kaleidoscope Plus Group

Their project will deliver a Positive Lives using Skills Programme, a 10-session programme that offers deeper understanding of emotions and equips attendees with a self-management portfolio of coping strategies and techniques leading to improvements in mental health and wellbeing. The programme aimed at 16+ who would like to manage their wellbeing more effectively making a positive change and building resilience and will feature key topic areas including Managing Stress/Anxiety, Confidence Building and Raising Self-Esteem.

Smethwick CAN

An organisation that offers a joint response from local churches to tackle poverty, increase aspiration, provide opportunities & support the most vulnerable. Their funding grant will support their Covid-19 response with Smethwick Foodbank, Your Local Pantry Smethwick and Smethwick CAN Café. All of these projects have needed to make significant adaptations to allow for their essential services to remain open throughout the crisis and continue to meet the exceptional demand.


Their project runs the Helping Hand service, for Sandwell residents of Eastern European heritage to access free practical help, advice and support. This support will include liaising with the Smethwick Can Foodbank to ensure people who are housebound have access to free food, collecting food from the food bank and delivering food parcels to socially isolated people. Funding will allow EMCONET to reach out to new clients to provide the much needed support via telephone support offering regular wellbeing checks to tackle isolation across the borough.

SOHO/VIC Friends & Neighbours

A community led scheme to build a sense of neighbourliness and support vulnerable residents. Their project will continue their work with existing and new participants with the support of additional measures in place to meet government guidelines, with the ongoing purpose of giving participants support, for them to identify solutions and options to residents in order to allow them to make informed decisions with issues within their lives which in turn will allow them to move forward and critically at their own pace. Tackling isolation both within their situation before and during the Covid-19 outbreak.

Black Country Touring

Black Country Touring brings some of the best professional touring theatre and dance from the UK and beyond to the local communities. The Sandwell-based arts charity have created a new project to bring joy and connection to people most at risk of isolation and loneliness at this time. Participants can call a number and be connected to a local artist of their choice– a storyteller, a poet or a musician – who will have a chat with them and give a short performance. Their artists can perform in a variety of languages such as Punjabi, Polish and the Black Country dialect.

Creative Academies

Just Play: West Bromwich is a multisport and educational programme for targeted young people aged 12-16 from West Bromwich in Sandwell. Their project Just Play will provide a 24-week programme co-designed with young people, CAN Sports Ambassadors that will support young people’s access to free sport and physical activity whilst also supporting young people’s wellbeing and healthy lifestyle habits.

Sandwell Deaf Community Association

Sandwell Deaf Community Association is a charity led by deaf people and one that delivers specialist services across Sandwell/Black Country to deaf, deafened, hard of hearing people and people with a dual sensory loss.
Their Vision 2030 funded project will deliver a nineteen week programme to provide remote social groups for the deaf community to access friendship, conversation and professional support, in an effort to reduce the social isolation across the borough.


Through a project called ‘Raag & Rhythm’ (using Asian music and movement), older adults in the community are encouraged to come together in an effort to combat isolation and loneliness as well as find innovative ways of address some mobility issues using the connecting theme of music and movement.

Beat it Percussion

Beat It Percussion delivers interactive music-making sessions in the Sandwell community, with a focus on supporting people living with mental health support needs. Their Vision 2030 funded project will deliver adapted versions of their interventions through Zoom video conferencing offering a variety of sessions including sound relaxation sessions remotely. The sessions offer to support people’s mental health through enabling deep relaxation, and respite from everyday anxieties and often an easing of physical symptoms relating to anxiety like muscle pain and tension. The sessions will include a peer support chat facility to encourage a sense of inclusion and community.


AFSCS is a front line voluntary organisation which principally operates in the Soho/Victoria area of Smethwick. Its beneficiaries are mainly from French speaking countries of Africa living in Sandwell. Their funding will support a remote online virtual project supporting them with home schooling, laptops will be allocated to volunteer tutors (Maths, English and Sciences) and tablets will be available to loan within the community to support with school work. The project will also support young people to access online materials with the supervision of our IT Administrator. Families will be able to access guidance and online support sessions with tutors to support home learning and additional support with needs arising.

Sandwell Autism Group

SAG is a parent participation forum gathering views, experiences and ideas from the parents and carers across Sandwell to help improve services for all autistic children and young people. To support their continued work Sandwell Autism Group will transfer the ways they work to online vectors such as on-line meetings and on-line surveys as well as alternative methods of remote support during the current climate.
Their online tools will maintain links with existing parents help them to continue to work on all projects whilst offering representative feedback to Sandwell and NHS services from families across Sandwell.

Carelink West Midlands

A small refugee organisation that exists to support refugees from Central Africa across Sandwell. Their Vision 2030 funded project will develop a support service for the most vulnerable elderly refugees aged 60+ on low income, who have poor medical conditions history during and in the aftermath of the coronavirus outbreak. With the support of volunteers additional support will be put in place offering telephone well-being checks to assess their daily needs and offers of support can be arranged.

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Round 1 

Changing our lives

Working with disabled people and people with lived experience of mental health difficulties of all ages across Sandwell. Their programme will consist of awareness training days across covering an awareness of autism, reasonable adjustments and person centred ways of working with autistic individuals. These sessions will be co-led by an associate of Changing Our Lives who is autistic and an experienced trainer. In addition to these there will be 4 half day community connecting events bringing Move More organisations together with local autistic people.

U Island CIC

An arts and migration project that will offer multiple community workshops on the migration of birds and the design of artistic bird boxes, to depict the journey refugees or migrants experience as they enter UK life which will be made available as online resources.

Dorothy Parkes Centre

A short programme delivering Arts based Therapy across 5 sessions in Smethwick. The activities will include live music enabling participants to express their emotions via different forms of art such as painting and drawing.

Tanhouse Shedders

The Shed is a full accessible facility which will enable future generations to benefit from the Shed Association idea supporting local people with age related problems and sufferers of loneliness who have become withdrawn from their local community. The project will expand their reach by adding additional Portacabins on site enabling them to expand their membership and operate on more days of the week, and will include the capacity to provide a craft area.

Benson Community Project

A community cycling project that helps children and adults to learn to ride or get back into cycling. The project supports people in a safe environment where they can build their confidence and self-esteem, not just physically cycling but creating new friendships and connections. Rides are conducted by a suitably qualified ‘lead rider’, which offers a safe and controlled environment in which people can take part.

Wednesbury Community Association

A Luncheon Club and Friendship Group supporting the elderly community with activities, companionship and outings to tackle social isolation and improve mental health and wellbeing. Their project looks to expand their reach within the community providing an extra date, and expand capacity to tackle isolation and
loneliness locally with support from dedicated volunteers.

Sandwell Special Olympics

Special Olympics provide year-round sports training & athletic competition in a variety of Olympic-type sports for all children & adults with learning / intellectual disabilities, giving them continuing opportunities to develop physical fitness & sporting skills, making friends & combating isolation & loneliness. Their project offers a 2 year swimming programme for people with Learning Disabilities across Sandwell.

Showtime Community Productions CIO

A community led organisation for all ages, producing shows in Sandwell engaging local residents. The group aim to target talented individuals with an interest in performing arts and theatrical production. The project will engage members of the community to bring together their skills and talents whilst combating social isolation and loneliness to produce 6 performances aimed at bringing the community together.


A combination of ‘Extend’ exercise classes and coffee mornings alongside a community gardening project to support older members of the Bangladeshi community to be able to come together, helping them to address issues of lack of mobility and establish new friendships. The community gardening project also offers the opportunity of creating inter-generational relationships by encouraging young people in the community to participate.

Smethwick CAN

A Community Bakery Project that will enable local people to build their local network, learn new skills and start to create a social enterprise. The project will support two 10-week programmes which will develop in to community kitchens located in Smethwick. By investing in people, venue hire and equipment the project will enable participants to initiate, set up and grow the Food Hub’s first community owned bakery.

Sandwell Advocacy

Sandwell Advocacy provides independent advocacy throughout Sandwell, promoting rights, voice and empowerment. Young carers will be given an opportunity to attend a team building outdoor day aimed at boosting confidence, engaging with others and challenging themselves to try a new skill.

Black Country Women’s Aid

Black Country Women’s Aid is an independent charity which has supported survivors of domestic abuse and sexual violence in the West Midlands for 30 years. The project will develop a peer mentoring and group support programme for survivors of abuse, including those who have experienced domestic abuse, stalking, sexual violence, childhood sexual abuse and exploitation.


A young people focused registered charity working with young people across Sandwell and the wider Black Country. Their project will support children experiencing social isolation and/or loneliness as they transition to secondary school, providing a series of therapeutic interventions. Their aim is to encourage the children referred to practice communicating with each other and performing tasks together to reduce social isolation with the help of a therapy dog, Harry.

Ileys Community Association

Ileys Community Association helps refugees, asylum seekers and newly arrived migrants to settle in to the community. Their project will run a selection of workshops to develop a support network for isolated mothers from the migrant community.

Sandwell Visually Impaired

A user led, not for profit, charitable incorporated organisation which aims to make living in Sandwell better for people with sight loss. Their project looks to develop a community buddy support service that will enable blind and visually impaired people to become more actively engaged in the local community. The service will operate across Sandwell and will be tailored to the needs of each visually impaired person requesting support.

YMCA Black Country

A Community-focused non for profit organisation with recreational programs & services in Sandwell. The YMCA Cycling project targets all abilities primarily aimed at 16+ individuals from the local community.
The aim of the programme is to increase physical activity levels, have a positive impact on mental and physical health, learn new cycling skills and safety, reduce loneliness and isolation and increase individual’s social networks.

Beat It Percussion

A small Community Interest Company which aims to bring hands-on drumming activities to people in the community, particularly those living with disadvantage or disability. Their project will work with people living with mental health support needs in Sandwell. In partnership with Ideal For All they will provide a total of 20 weekly half-day music-making intervention sessions in a local Sandwell venue. The project will culminate in a celebration event where people will share their skills with friends and family and the wider community.


KIDS provides a wide range of services to disabled children, young people and their families across Sandwell. Their project will develop a new monthly youth social group in Sandwell. The group will support young people with disabilities and special needs aged 16-25 and run from Langley Lodge Community Centre. Young people will improve their well-being and confidence by engaging in leisure, arts and community activities, as well as skill-building workshops. The project will be focused around the Five Steps to Wellbeing model.

Brandhall Baby Bank

Brandhall Baby Bank supports new parents helping ease some of the financial burden by providing access to a range of baby-based necessities, signposting and support. The project will allow them to increase their reach and support more families with essential items and continue to offer mental health support across Sandwell.

Girls Friendly Society

A charitable organisation that empowers girls and young women aged 5 to 25, encouraging them to develop their full potential through programs that provide training, confidence building, and educational opportunities. The project will be volunteer led supporting girls in Smethwick and Cradley Heath to access engaging in a programme to tackle inequality focusing on building confidence and learning life skills.

African French Speaking Community Support

A front line voluntary organisation which principally operating in Smethwick. Their beneficiaries are mainly from French speaking countries of Africa living in Sandwell  The project will offer healthy cooking lessons and group gym sessions particularly aimed at women from the BAME community. The workshops will engage the community to reduce social isolation and improve mental health and wellbeing in Smethwick.

Friar Park Millenium Centre

An organisation that offers activities, workshops and meeting space for the Wednesbury Community. Their project will develop a Senior Youth Club for young people aged 13-17 years old. The project will be inclusive and will offer a variety of workshops including physical activities, creative activities, leisure activities and building social connections.

Yemeni Community Association

A community based organisation that seeks to represent and meet the needs of the diverse communities in Sandwell. Their project looks to create a community garden creating gardening activities and sensory facilities to support mental health and well-being amongst their community.

West Bromwich Rail Model Club

The project will address social isolation and loneliness providing the opportunity to build and exhibit models with like-minded individuals whilst creating the opportunity to engage with others and learn new skills. They will deliver practical workshops, formal training, lectures and informal talks to encourage, help and engage
individual’s to work together to research, design, build and exhibit model railways all with a view of bringing and connecting people together in Sandwell.

Open Heaven Church

The mission of Open Heaven Church is to reach out to all people of all ages and backgrounds. Their project looks to develop two new youth activities to add to their existing timetable aimed at 11-18yrs targeting the youth of Friar Park in Wednesbury introducing a weekly music workshop and the opportunity to access physical activities . The activities proposed will help tackle deprivation and social need as well as targeted support and mentoring for young people.

Friends of Tividale Park

The Friends of Tividale Park are a residents’ community group who work to improve the park. Their project looks to deliver a healthy activity event for the community involving the local schools and community to participate in a daily mile around the park to encourage residents to become more active and use the park.


Multistory is a community arts charity based in West Bromwich who create a contemporary body of photographic work, films, oral histories and an online digital archive that documents life in Sandwell. Their project will deliver a 6 week creative project in partnership with Sandwell Visually Impared, which will offer sensory photography workshops. The project will share stories and experiences from visually sighted individuals through public exhibitions, podcasts and events.

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