Good Engagement

Services - Supporting People

It is vital that the Voluntary and Community Sector have a voice in order that it can influence they way in which services in Sandwell are developed and delivered.

The Compact

One of the ways to ensure that this engagement is conducted in a meaningful and productive way is by following the principles that are contained in Sandwell Compact.

The Compact is an agreement between Public Sector agencies and Voluntary and Community Sector agencies. The Compact recognises and sets out a series of shared values, principles and commitments that if followed, should help to improve and maintain a positive relationship between the two sectors. A National Compact was established in 1998.

In response to the National Compact, there was an expectation that local Compacts be developed to help relationships at a grass roots level. Sandwell has developed a local Compact setting out principles governing the relationship between the statutory sector and Voluntary and Community Sector and these have recently been refreshed and signed off by the Council in 2019.  Please view the documents below:-