Wednesbury 2000 Easter Project – Can You Help?

Wednesbury 2000 Easter Project – Can You Help?

Wednesbury 2000 are looking to create an Easter egg hunt across the whole of Wednesbury which they are planning to launch for Easter weekend. The idea behind this is to bring some positivity to the community which everyone can get involved in. They are looking to collect as many Easter treats as possible; chocolate, Easter eggs, sweets, Easter plays packs etc, which can packaged up and placed out around Wednesbury, then hide the treats over the Easter weekend.

Wednesbury 2000 are hoping this will encourage families to get out walking together around the town together. This, it is hoped, will give children something positive to participate in and to forget about the lockdown and restrictions we are facing, even just for a couple of hours.

The organisation is looking for donations of the below items that can be hidden across the town. The more items the better, as more people will benefit and hopefully find a treat.

  • Chocolate eggs
  • Easter chocolates
  • Easter Sweets
  • Easter play packs
  • Ribbon
  • Cash donations (if this is preferred to the above items)

Wednesbury 2000 hope you will get involved with the project.  The last project was very successful thanks to your support and kindness.

For more information and/or to make a donation, please contact Kallianne, Wednesbury 2000 Secretary at:


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