West Midlands Police – Offender Management Referral Pathways

Nosheen Khan is the Pathways Coordinator at West Bromwich Police Station Offender Management Team. The majority of crime is committed by a small proportion of the community. It is the job of the Offender Management Team to work with offenders to support them away from their criminal lifestyle by looking at the pathways to offending, which are:

1) Accommodation
Having nowhere to live, sofa surfing or living in the wrong location.

2) Education, employment and training
Occupying time with positive activity and accessing employment opportunities.

3) Health
Physical and mental health support.

4) Drugs and Alcohol support
Rehab and support away from this lifestyle.

5) Finance and debt
Support through benefit support, debt management.

6) Children and families
Family support with access to children, where appropriate.

7) Attitudes, thinking and behaviour
Changing the way the person is thinking and going through processes like Restorative Justice.

Women offenders need to be supported with:

8) Domestic abuse
Is she a victim? Does she need support through civil injunctions? Advice and support.

9) Sexual health
Has sexual abuse taken place and is medical and/or mental health support required.

Nosheen’s role is to build a database of local support organisations that can support offenders in their rehabilitation, by making local referrals to these organisations for the officers.

If you can support this work please contact Nosheen at West Bromwich Police Station on 101 Ext. 8811 3230, or email nosheen.khan@west-midlands.pnn.police.uk



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