Your World and Your Health

Your World and Your Health

The Strategy Unit is an NHS organisation that is helping other parts of the NHS in the Black Country and West Birmingham to learn more about how the mental and physical health of local people is affected by the world in which they live. This is part of the work of the Healthier Futures Partnership and its new Academy –

We are looking to gather brief stories of the experience of local citizens that will help leaders to understand how the whole context of people’s lives shapes their health. We intend the stories to be illustrative rather than representative of every type of experience. So, in talking of ‘your world’ we are thinking about things like:
• Employment and income
• Pollution
• Housing and homelessness
• Crime and/or experience of the justice system
• Ethnicity and gender
• Education – including ability to access and use digital/online services
• How physical illness affects mental health, and mental health conditions affect physical health.

We are inviting any local voluntary and community sector organisations that wish to, to hold a short focus group discussion (probably with an existing group for convenience) by mid-August.

If organisations and individuals are interested they can contact

Please view for details of the full invitation

Please view for brief of citizens stories

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