Youth Endowment Fund COVID-19 Grant Round

Youth Endowment Fund COVID-19 Grant Round

The Youth Endowment Fund launches new £6.5m COVID-19 grant round to support vulnerable children at risk of youth violence.

Social distancing and stay-at-home measures have seen access to schools restricted and the provision of youth services dramatically reduced. The result is that some of our most vulnerable children have both lost the support they relied on and become increasingly invisible.

Many organisations who are passionate about young people are working hard to find creative ways to address this at a time when their own financial security hangs in the balance. Whilst some continue with their face-to-face work, an increasing number of organisations are adapting services using digital and virtual activities to deliver their support.

With little evidence existing on the effectiveness of digital and virtual support activities in reaching vulnerable children and preventing youth crime, we urgently need to learn more about the best ways to reach and support vulnerable young people.

The dual aims of this grant round are to help reach and support vulnerable children at risk of youth violence, and to learn the best ways to provide support under the current social distancing and stay-at-home guidelines

Applications open: Wednesday 6th May 2020
Applications close: 12pm Wednesday 3rd June 2020

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